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Telecommunicators routinely handle hundreds of calls for service each day. Their dedication, professionalism, and experience provide them with the background to render aid and comfort callers from our community.
Each and Every call for service is important.

The Catawba County E-911 Communications Center uses the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) system that was developed by Dr. Jeff Clawson in the 1980s. You may have seen this system being used on the TV show "Rescue 911".

After the initial 911 call-taking process discussed earlier, the Telecommunicator will ask other questions to obtain more information.

By using the EMD system to prioritize medical calls, the Telecommunicators have to ask a series of questions according to information that you tell us (what's wrong with the person).

This system also provides the Telecommunicators with the instructions that will be given to you so that you can provide emergency medical assistance to the victim of a medical emergency until the public safety personnel can arrive. For example, the Telecommunicators can give you instructions in CPR, childbirth, choking, etc.

Please remember to listen for the Telecommunicator's questions and answer them as accurately as possible. Also, remember to listen for and act on any instructions the Telecommunicators may give you, such as "Don't give them anything to eat or drink..."