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What is Reinventing Government?
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    In 1995, Catawba County Commissioners allowed some departments to participate in a new and exciting way of conducting county business — reinventing government. The concepts are similar to those found in David Osborne and Ted Gaebler 's book, Reinventing Government. As a result of being a Reinventing Agency, Social Services has provided mandated services without increasing county cost, while improving productivity, efficiency, and service delivery.

    The basic tenants of being Reinventing Agency are:

    1. Commissioners allocate limited funds to a reinvented agency based on increases no greater than the percentage increase offered to all county departments.

    2. Agency establishes outcomes that have customer impact, are time-limited, measurable, and achievable.

    3. If the commissioners agree with outcomes, funding is provided on the limited basis, with the Department having increased management flexibility in transferring funds, adding or reducing staff, contracting, etc.

    4. If the agency achieves 90% or more of outcomes and has generated any surplus as a result of savings, improved productivity, etc., it may decide on how to use the balance. If the outcome achievement level is below 90%, the Board of County Commissioners reserves the decision making.

    5. If the achievement of outcomes is less than 75%, the agency is no longer considered a reinventing department.