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  1. General Statute 48 Article 9 contain the laws related to confidentiality of adoption records and disclosure of adoption record information.

  2. All records created or filed in connection with an adoption, except the Decree of Adoption are confidential and may not be disclosed or used except as provided in Chapter 48 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

  3. During a proceeding for adoption, records shall not be open to inspection by any person except upon an order of the court finding that disclosure is necessary to protect the interest of the adoptee.

  4. Following a Decree of Adoption, all records on file with the court, an agency, or this State shall be retained permanently and sealed. Sealed records shall not be open to inspection by any person except as otherwise provided in Chapter 48.

  5. General Statute 48-9-104 b was enacted in 2007 and amended in 2010 allowing authorized child placement agencies to act as confidential intermediaries. This law allows licensed adoption agencies to assist adult adoptees in searching for birth parent and birth parents searching for adult adoptees. Confidential intermediaries can also assist adult adoptee and their siblings who are searching for each other.