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Family Builders of Catawba Valley: Steps in Adopting a Child

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    1. Make an Inquiry

    Call Family Builders of Catawba Valley at 465-8901 to ask about our adoption program. If you are interested in additional information, plan to attend the next Information Meeting held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Catawba County Social Services Family Services Center, at 6:00 PM. (Schedule)

    2. Complete Preparation Sessions

    Attend the Information Meeting and complete a Data and Inquiry Sheet indicating your interest and sign up for an interview with a social worker.

    Participation in GPS-MAPP (Group Preparation & Selection-Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) is the next step in preparing for adoption. This consists of 36 hours of preparation for adoptive and/or foster parents. This preparation series will help you identify your family's strengths and needs as well as provide the information you need to make decisions about the type of child(ren) you can parent. At the end of your GPS-MAPP sessions, you will decide whether to apply to adopt.

    3. Complete the Preplacement Assessment

    The Preplacement Assessment is a series of family consultations with a social worker to help you understand both the adoption process and your responsibilities as an adoptive parent. (Details)

    4. Work with Your Social Worker to Find the Right Match

    Once your preplacement assessment is completed, your social worker works to find a child or sibling group whose needs can be met in your family environment.

    5. Visit With Your Child(ren)

    Once a child has been identified, you begin visits with the child to get to know each other. The type and number of visits will depend on the age(s) of the child(ren) and their situation.

    6. Bring Your Child(ren) Home

    Building your family through adoption will take time and require patience, tolerance and love. Your social worker will be there to help and support you in this process.

    7. Supervisory Period

    North Carolina law requires at least three to six months of supervision in the adoptive home before the adoption process can be completed. During this time, your social worker will visit you in your home to provide support and assistance.

    8. Legalize the Adoption in Court

    It is recommended that an attorney be retained for filing the legal proceedings. The legal fees are arranged between the adoptive parents and their attorney. For some children funds are available to help families pay for one time adoption expenses, such as legal fees. Subsidy may also be available for families who adopt a special needs child. Once the legal process is completed, you assume full legal rights and obligations for the child's care.
Adapted from the North Carolina Division of Social Services