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Family Builders of Catawba Valley:
Services Available to Adoptive Parents

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Phone: (828) 465-8901


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3050 11th Avenue Drive SE
Hickory, NC 28602

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PO Box 669
Newton, NC 28658

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Mon - Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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  • Preplacement assessments of couples and/or single parents who are interested in:

    1. Adopting child or children from the foster care system
    2. Adopting through Independent Placements
    3. Fostering
    4. Legal risk adoption placements
    5. Step-parent adoptions
    6. Relative adoptions

  • Services to Adoptive Children Who Are Between the Ages of Zero (including unborn babies) to Eighteen Years Old

    1. Preparation of children for adoption
    2. Completing Lifebooks/life histories
    3. Circulating child's profile to recruit families and to aid in selection of a family
    4. Follow-up sustaining and supportive services until the decree of adoption is issued

  • Preparation Training as well as ongoing training opportunities

  • Ongoing Support & Supervision of Adoptive Placements

  • Post Adoption Services and Family Sustaining/Support Group

  • Foster home licensure for Legal Risk and Foster/Adopt Families:

    All foster home licensure must meet state standards and requirements.

    Families using Family Builders of Catawba Valley services are required to complete twelve weeks (36 hours) of training for the role as a resource family in fostering or adopting the children needing homes. This training also prepares resource families to be full partners with the agency in decision making about the type of resource family they will become and the type of child(ren) they may adopt.