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Policy on Disrupted Placements/Dissolution

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What Happens When the Adoptive Placement Does Not Work or There is Adoption Dissolution After the Adoption Decree?

Utmost care and consideration are given to the selection of the most appropriate family presented for a child. The child has been prepared for the placement as well as the family who is to receive the child. Other professionals (agency, therapist, doctor, school personnel, etc.) are provided with needed information to assist in the child's transition into his adoptive family and community.

Pre-adoption placement services continue to be provided to the family and child until the Adoption Decree is issued. If a placement appears to be in difficulty, the Adoption Social Worker will assist the family in accessing appropriate therapy and resources for the family and child.

Sometimes placements do not work out. Usually it is not because of any one thing but, instead, because of a combination of circumstances. When this happens it is called a “disruption” prior to the adoption decree is issued and after the adoption decree is issued, it is called “dissolution.”

If an adoptive placement disrupts, Family Builders of Catawba Valley attempts to locate another placement for the child as soon as possible. If the child is in need of a residential treatment, that will occur before another adoptive placement is sought. If the child is to be placed with another family, Family Builders of Catawba Valley will ask the current family to assist the agency in helping the child transition into the new placement. Attempts will be made to put that plan in action unless the child's safety or well-being is in jeopardy. If the agency has any concern that the child is unsafe, the child is immediately placed in a foster home with continuing efforts to obtain an adoptive placement.

After the adoption is finalized, a family may experience challenges in parenting the child that they have adopted. The agency expects that the adoptive family will work with the agency and intensive counseling to try to alleviate the situation, maintain the placement and prevent an adoption dissolution. Sometimes this may include out of home placement to help the child and family be safe enough to resolve the issue. If the agency and the adoptive family come to the point after all other services have been tried that the adoption must be dissolved, the agency will work with the family through the relinquishment process. Adoption dissolutions shall be managed with emphasis placed on the child's needs, and relinquishments accepted only when there is a new plan of permanent placement for the child.

In either situation, Family Builders of Catawba Valley will ensure that counseling on an intensive level will be provided to the child. Counseling services are also offered to the family as experiencing an adoption disruption can be a very emotional experience.