On October 1st , 2016, Deed of Trust fees will change. The new fee will be $64 for Deeds of Trust up to 35 pages in length. Additional pages will be subject to a $4 per page fee.


Thank You For Your Service

Let us honor and celebrate YOU! The Register of Deeds has a new service called "Thank You for Your Service" a Veterans Photo ID Discount Program. This card will entitle veterans to receive discounts at participating local businesses. All you have to do is stop by our office and record your DD214 form (Discharge from Active Duty, Certificate of Release or any military discharge form you may have). Be sure to bring your discharge along with your valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID). We will take your photograph and issue you the discount card on the spot or if you have already filled your discharge with us you too are entitled to this program. We introduced this program on Veteran's Day 2015 so I'm sure our merchant list is sure to grow. Click here to find the local businesses that are joining weekly to honor YOU, our local veterans, in our discount program.


Let us work together to create an awareness of how important the DD214 is to our Veterans, their families and the of recording them at their local Register of Deeds office. By recording DD214s, the Veteran's service record is safeguarded forever, can always be found and is closed to the public. Once recorded, it then allows our Veterans an avenue to quickly obtain a certified copy of the document when needed at the local level and both are at NO COST.

Disclaimer: “Thank You for Your Service” Photo ID program is issued for the purpose of representing a person’s eligibility for discounts and related benefits from private businesses. It is not acceptable for determining a person’s actual identity or residency by any government official or by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, nor does it create any entitlement to VA benefits. It entitles the bearer of the card to be eligible ONLY for Catawba County Veterans Discount Program from participating businesses.


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