On October 1st , 2016, Deed of Trust fees will change. The new fee will be $64 for Deeds of Trust up to 35 pages in length. Additional pages will be subject to a $4 per page fee.


Notary Public

Catawba County Register of Deeds - Donna Hicks Spencer Where can I find a Notary to notarize my signature?
Most banks provide this service for free if you have an account with them. For a fee per signature we have a Notary at our office during normal business hours.

What are the requirements for becoming a Notary Public?
Upon Completion of course, the instructor will issue applications.
  • An applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Reside or by employed in this state.
  • An applicant must satisfactorily complete a course of study that is approved by the Secretary of State consisting of six hours of classroom instruction provided by a community college in your area, unless the person is a licensed member of the Bar of this state.
  • An applicant must submit an application containg no significant mis-statement or omission of fact.
  • Any person who has been found guilty of treason or any other felony against this State, the United States or any state, will not qualify.
  • Any person who has been found guilty of corruption or malpratice in any office, or
  • Any person who has been removed from a any office by impeachment will not qualify.

Upon completion of a course the instructor will issue applications for you to mail with a non-refundable fee of $50.00 to the Secretary of State. If approved the Secretary of State will send a notification to you to take to the Register of Deeds’ Office where you will be given the Notary Oath for a charge of $10.00.

You may also obtain information on becoming or renewing your commission as a Notary Public at your local Community College, the Secretary of State at (919) 807-2131 or http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/notary/

The Register of Deeds office DOES NOT have forms for a filing of any Assumed Name. We only handle the filings for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations doing business under an assumed name. For more information please contact the North Carolina Department of Commerce at (800)228-8443 or your community college’s Small Business department on this process and how to incorporate your business. Click here for links to some of our local community colleges.


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