On October 1st , 2016, Deed of Trust fees will change. The new fee will be $64 for Deeds of Trust up to 35 pages in length. Additional pages will be subject to a $4 per page fee.


The North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds approves these abbreviation codes:

Codes for Document Types
Document Type Abbreviation
Administration Correction AD NT (with space between words)
Affidavit AFFI
Affixed Manufacture Home NOTCE
Agreement AGMT
Amendment ADMT
Articles of Organization ORG
Assignment ASGMT
Assumed Name A N (with a space)
Bill of Sale BS (with a space)
Bylaws By Law (with a space between words)
Cancellation SAT
Cemetery Deed Cem D (with a space between words)
Certificate CERT
Certificate of Satisfaction SAT
Commission COMM
Condominium CONDO
Contract CONT
Corporation CORP
Corrected Deed C D (with a space)
Deed of Separation D Sep (with a space between words)
Deed of Subordination Sub D (with a space between words)
Deed of Trust D T (with a space)
Easement ESMT
Fixture Filing FIX F (with a space between words)
Foreclosure FCL
Judgment JGMT
Lease Lease
Limited Partnership LTD P (with a space between words)
Merger MERG
Modification MOD A (with a space between words)
Modification Agreement MOD A (with a space between words)
Mortgage MTG
Notice NOTCE
Notice of Request N REQ (with a space between words)
Notice of Satisfaction SAT
Notice of Substitution N SUB (with a space between words)
Option OPT
Ordinance ORD
Organization of Articles ORG
Partial Release REL
Partnership PTNRP
Power of Attorney P A (with a space)
Quit Claim Deed QCD
Record of Statisfaction SAT
Release REL
Release Deed REL D(with a space)
Rescission of Satisfaction RESCI
Resolution RESOL
Restriction RESTR
Restrictive Convenants R C (with a space)
Revocation of Power of Attorney R P A (with a space)
Right of Way R W (with a space)
Satisfactions (any type) SAT
Separation Agreement SEP A (with a space between words)
Subordination Agreement SUB A (with a space between words)
Subordination Deed SUB D (with a space between words)
Transfer TRANS
Trustee's Deed TR D (with a space between words)
Waiver WVR

Codes for Property Description
Document Type Abbreviation
Acre AC
Acres ACS
Adjoins ADJ
Agreement AGMT
And &
Annexation ANNEX
Avenue AVE
Block BL
Book BK
Boulevard BLVD
Building BLDG
Cannceled CAN
Cemetery CEM
Church CH
Circle CIR
Company CO
County CNTY
Court CT
Creek CK
Development DEV
Division DIV
Drive DR
Easement ESMT
East E
Estate(s) EST
Extension EXT
Forclosure FCL
Heights HGTS
Highway HWY
Interest INT
Intersate I
Intersection INT
Lane LN
Lot LT
Manufactured MANU
Mountain MT
North N
Number #
Park PK
Part/Part of PT
Phase PH
Place PL
Plat Book PB
Property PRO
Right-of-way R/W
Road RD
Saint ST
School SCH
Section SEC
South S
Square Feet SQ FT
State Rd SR
Street ST
Subdivision S/D
Township TP
Tract TR
Tracts TRS
West W

Codes for Trustee and Other Designated Status
Document Type Abbreviation
Administrator/Administratrix AMDR
Agent AGT
Attorney in Fact (only when signing document) AIF
Commissioner (s) COMR
Co-Executor EXR
Custodian CUST
Deceased DEC
Estate EST
Executor/Excutrix EXR
Guardian GDN
Partner PTNR
Personal Representative REP
Receiver RCVR
Sheriff SHRF
Substitute Attorney in Fact (only when being appointed) AIF (space between words)
Substitute Trustee TR
Trustee in Bankruptcy TR
Trustee TR

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