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  • Department Phones, Addresses, Contact Info
  • Board of Commissioners
      The Board of Commissioners is the governing body of Catawba County. The 5-member board is elected at large for 4-year staggered terms and may serve unlimited terms. Their duties include deciding what services should be provided to the citizens and how to pay for the services; appointing the County Manager and County Attorney; designating the County Clerk; adopting an annual budget; setting the property tax rate; establish service levels for solid waste, emergency services, public safety, library, public health, mental health and social services; adopting zoning and subdivision regulations; approving new positions, and appointing over 300 people to 50 citizen boards. The Board meets twice each month, normally on the first Monday at 9:30 and third Monday at 7 p.m. at the 1924 Courthouse at 30 North College St. in Newton.
      The Budget Office is responsible for preparation, administration, and compilation of the annual budget for all County services. Part of the County Manager's Department.
    Building Services
      The Building Services Division coordinates and manages Inspections, Plan Review and Permit Center activities for the County and municipalities. It is a division of the Utilities & Engineering Department.
    Clerk of Court
      A state rather than a county function, the Clerk's office is housed in the Justice Center in Newton. The Clerk is responsible for administrative, clerical, and record-keeping functions of the court. The Clerk presides over many judicial matters including probate of wills, estates, guardianship, and foreclosures.
    Communications Center
      Part of the Emergency Services Department, the E911 Communications Center serves the public by responding to 911 calls and dispatching the proper resources to address emergency needs.
    Cooperative Extension
      North Carolina Cooperative Extension is an educational partnership between NC State University, NC A&T State University, the US Department of Agriculture and Catawba County.  Cooperative Extension provides community-based programs in five program areas: enhancing agriculture, forest and food systems; developing responsible youth; strengthening and sustaining families; conserving and improving the environment and natural resources; and building quality communities.
    County Manager
      The Catawba County Manager is the chief administrator of county government. The manager is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for the administration of all departments of county government. The County Manager's Office also includes the Budget staff, Legal staff, and Public Information Office. The County Manager is responsible for implementing the directives of the Board of Commissioners, strategically managing various County departments, developing an annual budget and capital improvement program, providing public information on County services and programs, providing legal support, and ensuring accurate records of Commissioners' action and policies.
    Economic Development Corporation
      The Catawba County Economic Development Corporation's mission is to build a diversified economic base throughout Catawba County by recruiting new business and industry, by retaining existing business and industry and helping them grow, and to foster the creation of jobs. Not a County department.
      The Board of Elections is responsible for supervising voter registration and conducting all elections held within the county, including federal, state, county, municipal, school boards, bond issues, ABC issues, and other items that would be voted on by the public. Its functions include establishing election precincts, appointing election officials, hearing appeals, and investigating voter irregularities. The office maintains public records on all voters, past elections, campaign-reporting files, and other election related materials. This office also maintains all voting equipment and supplies used during elections.
    Emergency Services
      The Emergency Services department is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the activities of emergency management, Emergency Medical Services, Rescue Coordinator, Fire Marshal’s office, Animal Services, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Emergency Operations Center, Hazardous Material Team, E911, and Veterans’ Services.  This office also works with the fire and rescue squads in the county. 
      The County's Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the County in accordance with all applicable local, State, and Federal regulations. It maintains the accounts of the County in accordance with generally accepted principles of governmental accounting. In addition, the Finance Department oversees all purchasing functions as well as all building and vehicle maintenance needs of the County.
    Geospatial Information Services (GIS)
      The Geospatial Information Services Division of the Technology Department is responsible for the development, maintenance, and dissemination of the County’s digital geographic data. 
    Human Resources
      The Human Resources Department provides assistance to employees and applicants; reviews programs and benefits and makes recommendations in order to have the best workplace possible.  It is responsible for personnel records, benefits, employee relations, recruitment and selection, some payroll and training programs, compliance with federal and state personnel/employment regulations, compensation, and risk management.
      The Library System consists of a Main Library in Newton and six branch facilities located in the St. Stephens, Maiden, Sherrills Ford, Conover, Claremont and Mountain View areas.  The library offers books, periodicals, videos, as well as books and music in cassette tape and CD format. All materials are available for checkout at no cost.  The library system also has public access computers. Computers check out for an hour at a time and staff is available to assist citizens unfamiliar with the technology.
      A division of Planning & Development, the Parks Division operates three parks in the county: Baker’s Mountain, St. Stephens and Riverbend Park.
    Planning & Parks
      This department facilitates and provides support for development of long-range planning initiatives, and implementation of a plan’s policy and recommendations.  It provides demographic information to the public, and provides information on land use, environmental programs, and reports and special studies to the  Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and Subdivision Review Board. The Parks department is part of this department.
    Public Health
      Public Health is responsible for addressing the health issues and promoting the health status of the inidvidual, family, community & industry. They provide clinical and educational services. The Environmental Health Division's mission is to provide education and enforcement of State and Local regulations regarding food sanitation, sub-surface sewage disposal, and other environmental concerns to individuals and businesses.
      The purpose of the Purchasing Division is to maintain continuity of services and supplies to the various County departments by purchasing at the lowest cost consistent with the quality and quantity required.
    Register of Deeds
      The Catawba County Register of Deeds serves as custodian of all records of real estate, vital records, military discharges and the certification of notary publics. You can apply for a marriage license in the Register of Deed’s Office and it is where you get a certified copy of the license. You can also obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate or that of a loved one’s death certificate, if the birth and or death did in fact occur in Catawba County. 
    Sheriff's Office
      The Catawba County Sheriff's Office provides primary law enforcement services to the citizens of Catawba County, in order to make the county a safe place in which to live, to be employed, to worship and to enjoy recreation. They serve the public by patrolling the county, drug enforcement, operation of the jail, crime prevention and education programs.
    Social Services
      The mission of Catawba County Social Services is to improve the quality of life for citizens by: preventing social problems; protecting adults, children and families from abuse and neglect; bringing children to permanent families; enabling adults and older foster children to become self-sufficient; assuring that parents financially support their children; giving the elderly and disabled a choice to remain in their homes rather than enter a rest home or nursing care facility; and connecting citizens with food, shelter, utilities and medical attention.
    Soil & Water Conservation
      The Catawba Soil and Water Conservation District is a local organization charged with the responsiblity of promoting soil and water conservation and establishing conservation programs in the District. The District partners with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to carry out these responsibilities, working with state, federal, and local agencies on natural resource concerns.
      The Catawba County Tax Administrator's office bills and collects ad Valorem taxes for the County and for the eight municipalities. 

    Personal Property (unregistered vehicles, boats, mobile homes, untagged utility trailers, and business equipment, furniture, fixtures, etc) is listed annually. Property owners of record, as of each January 1st, receive tax bills for their land and building(s) for that year.

    The Tax Office has the responsibility of assuring all values are equal for all property, regardless of who the owner may be. The Tax Collector has the responsibility to see that taxes are paid for each respective property.
      Technology Department provides technology and guidance to enhance the delivery of County government services and increase public and employee access to and quality of vital government data. The Department is made up of two divisions; Information Technology, and Geospatial Information Services.  The Information Technology Division is responsible for the day to day operation of network services, security, Internet and Intranet services, application development and support, and training.
    Utilities & Engineering
      The Utilities and Engineering Department coordinates the functions of Building Services, (Inspections, Plan Review and Permit Center activities) for the County and municipalities; Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control for the County and municipalities except Brookford and Newton. Utilities and Engineering also manages Water and Sewer Projects, Stormwater, Solid Waste, including Recycling, Waste Disposal, Waste Reduction and Education, Convenience Centers and Co-Generation Facility, as well as the EcoComplex and Resource Recovery Facility.
    Veteran's Services
      The Catawba County Veteran's Service Officer assists veterans and their dependents in filing claims with the Veterans Administration for benefits and service.