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  • Donna Hicks Spencer, Register of Deeds
  • (828) 465-1573
  • Contact via email
  • Main Location:100 Government DriveDepartment C Newton, NC 28658
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General Information

General Information about Obtaining Vital Records

  • Certified Copies $10 each
  • Uncertified copies $0.50 each
  • Uncertified mail request $1.00 each (with no return envelope)

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  • Self
  • Spouse
  • Parents/Step Parents
  • Brother/Sister
  • Child/Step Child
  • Grandparents/Grandchild
  • Funeral Services Director/licensee (death certificates only)
  • Any person seeking information for legal determination of personal/real property rights (proof required)
  • An authorized agent, attorney, or legal representative of the applicant (proof required)
  • A driver’s license with photograph
  • State issued Identification Card (ID Card)
  • Passport
  • Military Identification Card with photograph
  • Agents, attorneys or legal representatives must also furnish documentation of authority in order to receive a certified certificate for an individual
  • If you do not have any of the above, please contact our office where we will then ask questions to see how we can best assist you but still protect the identity of the vital records.

We can only issue a certified copy of a birth (see options for other NC births below) or death that occurred here in Catawba County and a marriage license that was issued from here.

  • Make your request online which includes an additional $3.50 service charge per request Click here . Records will be mailed out upon completion of request.
  • In person - You can use one of the below-mentioned forms or complete one upon arrival. You must also present a valid picture ID.
  • Mail - Submit a written request to include:
    1. Full name of the person named on the certificate (required: birth & death records);
    2. The groom's | applicant#1 full name (required: marriage records);
    3. The bride's | applicant #2 full name (required: marriage records);
    4. The bride's | either applicants’ full maiden name (required: marriage records);
    5. The date of birth | date marriage | date birth & death (for death record)
    6. Father/parent's full name (required for birth record)
    7. Mother/parent's full maiden name (required for birth record);
    8. Facility | Place you believed they were at the time of passing(for death record); or
    9. You may go online for an electronic format that can be printed and filled in or completed online and printed, Click here.
    10. For a form to request up to three birth certificates, Click here.This form can be printed and filled in or completed on line and printed.
    11. For a form to request up to four death certificates, Click here
    12. En espanol, haga Clic aqui
  • For form to request a birth that occurred in another county in North Carolina since 1971 for a fee of $24, Click here.

Click here and follow the instructions to submit and pay by major credit/debit cards for a Birth Record Request online.

  • For the protection of the record you are requesting YOU MUST download, email or mail a LEGIBLE copy of your ID or you will be DENIED if requesting a certified copy
  • You will be REQUIRED to do one of the above with your ID before your request will be processed so please make sure to follow instructions all the way through until this has been completed if requesting a certified copy.
  • You pay online, BUT your request will be mailed out via regular mail to the address of the REQUESTOR which meets North Carolina statute requirements.
  • Feefor Certified copies are $10.00 each REQUIRES an ID.
  • Fee for Uncertified copies are $1.00 each.
  • Additional fees will apply and are noted by Courthouse Computer Systems