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Catawba County Board of Health

The Catawba County Board of Health is charged to protect and promote the public health of Catawba County. The Board is mandated by state law and is composed of professionals representing specified health-related fields alongside at-large members. In North Carolina [NCGS 130a-35b)], Board of Health members must meet certain qualificatons and are appointed by the Catawba County Board of Commissioners from qualified applicants. Members may serve a maximum of three 3-year terms. The Board of Health is comprised of 11 members: 1 Commissioner representative, 3 At-Large representatives, and 1 professional representative from each of the following public health fields: engineering, dentist, physician, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary.

2019-20 members:

Dr. David C. Hamilton, Jr. (Chair)

Dr. Matthew Davis

Mr. John Dollar

Mr. Dan Hunsucker, County Commissioner

Ms. Gloria Costin

Mr. Brian Potocki

Dr. Gail Hamilton Brandon

Dr. Dana H. Greene

Ms. Susan Knowles, RN

Mr. William Pitts

Veterinarian spot open

2019-20 Board of Health Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held once a month in the Catawba County Public Health Boardroom, unless noted otherwise. All meetings are open to the public.

Previous Board of Health Meeting Minutes