Catawba County Employee Spotlight

Sara Kubiak

Sara Kubiak

Public Health 
Hobby: Professional Mermaid Performer 

Tell us about performing as a mermaid. 
Performing as a mermaid includes looking and dressing for the part, swimming and performing under water, and maintaining the character to bring magic, joy, and entertainment to the audience. I have always loved mermaids and being able to dress up and become a different character for the day can be really exciting and entertaining. While being a mermaid can sometimes be challenging it is always well worth it because I get to meet so many different people and do something I love. I LOVE bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. People get very excited when they see a mermaid…it’s like a little piece of magic appears in their eyes. It is really fun to interact with kids because they get so excited about the ocean and learning new things. 

When did you get started? What inspired you to start?
Well…I have always been a mermaid at heart…I created my first tail ~ 1.5 years ago because I wanted to Cosplay as Ariel. Ariel has always been a big inspiration to me…who doesn’t love The Little Mermaid, right?! Ever since The Little Mermaid came out in theaters I have been obsessed with mermaids. I can remember as a child I would wrap beach towels around my legs to pretend I was a mermaid and mother would always fuss because she could never find the beach towels. 

What is your favorite event in which you have participated as a mermaid? 
My favorite event so far would have to be MerMania, which is a Mermaid convention. There are mermaids (and mermen) that travel from all over the world to meet in Greensboro, NC to hang out and swim together. There are classes we can take to learn about underwater posing, merwrangling (getting mermaids around on dry land), and how to train for holding your breath under water. There is also a big dinner and Mermaid Ball where everyone dresses up in their finest attire and dances the night away. Last year there were 500+ attendees…so I made a lot of new friends. 

Any fun or interesting stories you’d like to share? 
My sister and I were doing our 1st photo shoot to promote our business and we were at our secret Mermaid Lagoon (off of a hiking trail) and a family with kids shows up to go swimming where we were. At first the kids were unsure about the mermaids, however, after we started talking to them they became very excited and wanted to take photos to show their friends they had proof that they were friends with “real mermaids”. They asked us if mermaids eat fish and we explained to them that some do, however our favorite food was seaweed/kelp. One of the kids went swimming around and brought us a piece of a plant that was growing in the water so we could have a snack. We had to think on our feet and tell him we had just had a big meal with our family and were too full (so we wouldn’t have to eat the gross plant he found for us). However, we did tell him we would take it and eat it as a snack later.