County Owned Property For Sale


Offers to purchase real property must be submitted to the County Manager's Office on the attached form. The offer must be at least equal to the 'for sale' value listed on the property list. The offer to purchase must be accompanied by cash or certified check made out to the County of Catawba in the amount of 5% of the amount bid.

After the bid is received a notice will be published in the Hickory Daily Record and any interested party may raise or upset the bid within 10 days from the date of publication.

Upset bids shall be submitted to the County Manager's Office on the form provided. The minimum amount of the upset bid is determined by calculating 10% of the first $1,000 and adding 5% of the balance of the bid you plan to upset. (For example: if the first bid is $3,000 and you want to upset--you determine 10% of $1,000 and 5% of $2,000 (3000-1000) which is $100 (10% of 1,000) and $100 (5% of $2,000) which means the increased amount must be $200 and therefore the minimum upset bid is $3,200). After you determine what the upset bid will be, you must deposit a certified check in the amount of 5% of the total bid with the County Manager's Office.

Once an upset bid has been placed on a property, that bid will be readvertised until there are no further upset bids.

Bidders will not be contacted by the County when an upset bid is received or prior to the 10 day deadline. All bidders are advised to watch legal notices in the Hickory Daily Record or to contact the County Manager's Office (828-465-8201) if they have questions.

The amount of the upset bid is calculated the same as set forth above and the bid must be accompanied by a certified check or cash for 5% percent of the amount of the bid. This process shall continue until there are no further upset bids and at that time the final bid shall be advertised in the Hickory Daily Record. Deposit of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned to the parties at the completion of the bidding process.

The successful bidder must present a certified check for the entire balance due within 90 days of the last day for receipt of upset bids. If the balance due is not paid within the 90 day period the total amount of the deposit is forfeited to the County and the offer is rejected.

Acquisition Form - Offer to Purchase

Current Property Listings

The Catawba County Board of Commissioners will accept an offer to purchase the following properties. Anyone interested in placing a bid must deposit 5 percent of their bid with the County Manager's Office, P.O. Box 389 Newton, NC 28658. If you are interested and/or have questions, please call the County Manager's Office at (828-465-8201).

Copy or write down the Pin # and go to the GIS Real Estate Map Server. Click on Load Map, then search by Parcel ID. You will need to enter the Pin # (without dashes) to View the property.