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As you go through the process of getting the correct permits and inspections for your commercial project, you may need to work with any or all of these departments:

The Catawba County Department of Planning, Development & Parks

  • You will need to determine the planning and zoning area your project is located in.
  • If you don't already know the planning & zoning area for your project, you can find out where it is by clicking on this link: GIS Real Estate Map Server, then typing in the address of the property and clicking on Find to locate it. Scroll down and look for Zoning District. Use the Back button as many times as is necessary to get back to this page.
  • Contact the Planning & Zoning department that has jurisdiction over that property. Since regulations may vary in each different city or town, you should discuss with them the requirements for your project. Municipal Planning & Zoning Offices Phone Numbers
  • Catawba County Environmental Health Department

  • If you are constructing a new building on a property that does not have city sewer and/or water lines on site, you will need to apply for a Well/Septic Tank Permit.
  • Certain types of businesses will also have to go through a plan review process. List of Types
  • Catawba County Plan Review

  • All commercial projects involving construction of a new building, or adding to or renovating the interior of an existing building, must be submitted for plan review before any work begins.

  • After you get the necessary approval from all departments, you will be ready to get your building permits. Permits are issued at the Newton or Hickory Permit Centers. Please follow the checklist you receive from the Permit Center when coming in for your permits. Permit Center staff will call to let you know when your plans are ready to be picked up.

  • Please bring your approved Planning and Zoning permit, if you received them from any agency other than the City of Hickory or Catawba County. These will be included in your plans once they have been approved.
  • A building permit application will need to be filled out and signed by an approved, licensed building contractor. Notarized signatures will be required if Permit Center staff is not present when the applcation is signed.
  • All permit fees for building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections will be collected at the time a building permit is issued. Building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits will be issued once a trade application is received from a licensed contractor.
  • You will be advised on the kinds of inspections you will need and how to arrange them.
  • The Permit Center staff will be happy to answer any questions you have, or you may call David Smith at 828-466-5125 if you have specific questions on the commercial building process.

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