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About the Shelter

Catawba County Animal Services began operations in a new, much expanded animal shelter on Monday, June 16, 2014. The new shelter was needed to address continual overcrowding at the former shelter building behind the Sheriff’s Office that was built almost thirty years ago

The new shelter is located at 201 Government Services Drive, Newton, NC 28658, off Radio Station Road just west of the Government Center/Justice Center campus. Click for Map.

Features of the new Shelter, which will have space for 233 animals includes:

Drive through “sally port" for animal intakes- that will make it safer to bring animals into the Shelter in vehicles, which is typically how they would be brought in by animal control officers, thereby reducing the potential for animals to escape and reducing potential safety hazards for staff and animals.

Separate intake and adoption lobbies- that will allow staff to intake animals that have not been evaluated for adoptability and safely keep them segregated from animals that have already been deemed adoptable. The adoption lobby will also provide a more comfortable place for citizens who are considering adopting an animal to meet and become acquainted with those animals.

Indoor and outdoor runs- will reduce the need for staff to physically move each animal multiple times each day. Animals will now be easily moved to outdoor runs so indoors areas may be properly cleaned. Outdoor runs will also provide a healthier atmosphere for the animals.

Designated quarantine area- that will further allow staff to separate sick or injured animals, dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs as well as animals that have been brought to the shelter due to a biting incident.

LEED Silver Certification- To save on long term operating costs, reduce energy usage and make the building more environmentally “friendly”, the County earned LEED Silver certification for the building. As a result, the County anticipates energy usage to be the same in the much larger new shelter as it was in the old shelter built in 1985.

The 17,005 square foot shelter was designed by Daggett & Grigg Architects. Edison Foard Inc. of Charlotte, selected for its past experience in building animal shelters, was the general contractor for the project. Edison Foard was awarded a bid in the amount of $3,323,410 for the construction, funds which the County set aside over several years before construction began in early 2013.