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The following animals may be impounded and taken to the animal shelter by a Catawba County Animal Control Officer:
  • Any dog or cat failing to have attached to it a current rabies tag.
  • Any stray dog or cat.Dog
  • Any dog found running at large if such dog is reported as having committed an act of public nuisance and an Animal Control Officer determined after investigating that the report is supported by the evidence.
  • Any vicious dog which has not at all times been confined within a secure building or enclosure or securely muzzled and under restraint by a competent person who, by means of a leash, chain or rope, has had such animal firmly under control at all times.
  • Any animal subjects to impoundment under any other applicable ordinance or state law (i.e., rabies laws) providing for the same.
Immediately upon impounding an animal, an Animal Control Officer shall make a reasonable effort to notify the owner and inform such owner of the conditions whereby the animal may be redeemed.

The owner of any impounded animal shall have a period of three working days for redemption. An owner shall pay the following administrative fees prior to redeeming an impounded animal
  • Impoundment transportation fee, $50;
If an animal is not redeemed by the owner within three working days, it may be offered for sale or for adoption or be destroyed in a humane manner. Any animal impounded which is badly wounded or diseased and has no identification shall he destroyed immediately in a humane manner. If the animal has identification, an Animal Control Officer shall attempt to notify the owner before disposing of such animal; but if the owner cannot be reached readily, and the animal is suffering, the Animal Control Officer may destroy the animal in his discretion in a humane manner.

If an animal is officially surrendered by the owner to the Animal Control Officer to be placed in a home or destroyed in a humane manner, it may be adopted, placed in a rescue, or euthanized after 24 hours.