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Catawba County Animal Services FAQ's:

What department should be called to report barking dogs or other animal complaints?
Answer: The Animal Services Department handles all nuisance complaints, animal bites, animal cruelty, owner surrender, stray dogs, and trap request. Animals barking may fall under the noise ordinance, which is enforced by the Sheriff Department. Contact Animal Services at (828)465-8228 or the Sheriff Department at (828) 464-3112.

What should be done with dead animals?
Answer: Contact Dead Animal Pick Up at (828) 466-5519 if the animal is in the public right of way. If the dead animal is on private property, the property owner is responsible for removal.

What should be done with injured or wounded animals?
Answer: Notify Animal Services for injured or wounded domestic animals, contact Animal Services at (828) 465-8228

Does Catawba County have a leash law?
Answer: Catawba County does not have a leash law. An animal can remain loose as long as it is on the owner's property and displaying a valid rabies vaccination tag and is not a nuisance. A nuisance is defined as: any act of an animal or its owner,, which annoys or discurbs right and privileges common to the public or enjoyment of private property. The commission on more than one occasion of the following acts shall be evidence of a nuisance:
  1. Turns over garbage containers or removes garbage from them.
  2. Damages gardens, foliage or other reall or personal property.
  3. Is maintained in an unsanitary condition so as to be offensive to sight or smell.
  4. Is not confined to a building or secure enclosure while in estrus.
  5. Chases, snaps at, attacks, or otherwise molest pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle passengers, farm stock or domestic animals.
  6. Is a dangerous animal as determined by the Animal Control Officer.
  7. Is diseased or dangerous to the health of the public.
  8. Is housed or restrained less than 15 feet from a public street, road or sidewalk and, in discretion of the Animal Control Officer, posses a threat to the general safety, health and welfare of the general public.

What should be done or who should you call if you find a stray dog?
Answer: You must contact Catawba County Animal Services: (828) 465-8228.

Do dogs and cats have to be vaccinated for rabies?
Answer:All dogs or cats 4 months of age or older must be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and display a valid rabies tag.

Does Catawba County Animal Services have dog and cat traps available for the public to use to capture stray animals?
Answer: The public can pick up a cat trap at the shelter Monday-Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 10am-3pm.  The refundable deposit for a cat trap is $25.00(cash or check).  They must sign a Trap Agreement form.  They can keep the trap for 5 business days.  When they return the trap in good condition, they will receive their deposit. There are a limited number of traps available. An Animal Control Officer will bring out a dog trap based on availability. Please call 828-465-8228 to request a dog trap.

What should you do if animal bites you?
Answer: If an animal bites you seek medical attention immediately. State and local law requires all animal bites to be reported. Call Catawba County Animal Services at (828) 465-8228.