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Animal Shelter LEED Certification
Leed Educational Video - Catawba County Animal Services Facility

This facility incorporates geothermal heating and cooling to condition all occupied spaces. The system for this facility has 24 geothermal wells, these wells are 440 feet deep.
geothermal geothermal

This facility has two Bio Retention Basins. Bio Retention Basins
help mitigate storm water run-off and keep pollutants
out of the watershed.
Minimal Clearing
Bio Retention Pond
Minimal Clearing

The roofing design reduces thermal gradient differences by using
high reflectance and high emissivity roofing (SRI of 29 minimum)
for at least 75 percent of the roof area.
The Glass Box tile shown in this photo is made
with 20% recycled content and is
regionally manufactured in Tennessee.
glass box