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Catawba County Landfill Safety Procedures

Rodney Hamby
Rodney L. Hamby
Landfill/Co-Generation Superintendent

Phone:(704) 462-1348

map 4017 Rocky Ford Rd
Newton, NC 28658

The Catawba County Landfill's goal is to provide a safe and cost effective facility for our customers to dispose of solid waste from Catawba County. Upon entering landfill property, the following operating procedures shall be followed by all customers.
  • Catawba County Landfill personnel are the controlling authority when entering landfill property. Failure to follow these operating procedures will result in removal from landfill property.
  • Signal lights at the scale house control when a vehicle pulls onto and leaves scales (red and green signal lights).
  • Scale attendant will process customer's vehicle by weighing, applying applicable fees, checking to see that all personnel in the vehicle has a safety vest and giving instructions.
  • No more than five (5) customer vehicles will be allowed on the landfill work face at any one time (green will indicate when a vehicle will be allowed to leave the scales).
  • Proceed to the work face where you will back into an open space maintaining a ten (10) foot separation from other vehicles (all persons getting out of vehicle while in landfill will have a safety vest on or will be asked to leave). All customers shall follow manufactures safety procedures for unloading vehicle. Where possible, turnbuckles or latches should be in unloading position before backing into unloading area. This should be done only if no waste will be lost in the process. At no time will any person be allowed to ride on vehicle outside cab. It will be the responsibility of the owner of each vehicle to train employees on the proper way to unload vehicle and provide personal protection equipment (PPE) for their employees.
  • After vehicle is unloaded, the customer will pull out of the compactor's way and secure vehicle for departure from landfill. NO SCAVENGING (picking up anything or looking through unloaded waste), NO LOITERING, OR CONGREGATING ON LANDFILL PREMISES. Once customer's vehicle is unloaded they will be required to leave the landfill.

    General Rules:
  • Speed limit while on landfill property is 15 mph.
  • No smoking while in landfill.
  • Follow all posted rules and regulations.
  • All vehicles that need to be unloaded by hand shall have sufficient employees to unload vehicle in timely manner.
  • Waste shall be unloaded in smallest area possible (scattering of waste will not be permitted).
  • Vehicles entering landfill working face will be in the same working area as our heavy equipment. Drivers need to use caution and give heavy equipment the right of way.

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