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The people who design webpages choose a certain size text, but if that makes it too hard for you to see, there are several ways you can make text larger or smaller. But remember that if you change the text size, other things may not fit as well on the page and it may look rather odd.
If you are using
Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9
, Google Chrome or Firefox

Easiest method: press Ctrl and + at the same time to enlarge text or Ctrl and - (minus) to make it shrink text. (You can do either of these multiple times).

Another method: While pointing at the web page, hold the Ctrl button while you roll the mouse wheel forward (away from yourself) for larger text or backward (towards yourself) for smaller text).

Another method (Internet Explorer only): Go to the menu and choose Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility. Click to put a check in front of ignore font sizes specified on webpages. The you can click on the menu View, Text Size, and choose the size you want such as Larger or Smaller as you wish. (The dot next to the choices indicates which choice you are currently using). If you use this approach, it will effect all websites you visit indefinitley. You would need to go back to Tools, Internet Options, Accessbility to take the check mark off to return to a normal view.

Putting the size back as it was designed to be: Ctrl and 0 (zero), returns you to the size the page was designed to be. In Internet Explorer you may have to use the top row keys for the zero and NOT use the numberic key pad.

CAUTION: By following the above instructions, settings on your computer will be changed. These settings may or may not return to a default state when the computer is rebooted. Use caution when making changes to your computer.