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Farm & Food Sustainability Plan

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

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Develop a plan for sustaining agricultural land in Catawba County with a focus on agricultural economic development to recruit younger farmers and provide tools for farm transitioning in the County.

  1. List and description of existing agricultural activity in the County
  2. List of existing challenges to continued family farming in the County
  3. List of opportunities for maintaining or enhancing small, family-owned farms and the local agricultural economy
  4. A description of how the County plans to maintain a viable agricultural community and address farm sustainability tools, such as agricultural economic development, including farm diversification and marketing assistance; other kinds of agricultural technical assistance, such as farm infrastructure financing, farmland purchasing, linking with younger farmers and estate planning, the desirability and feasibility of donating agricultural conservation easements, and entering into voluntary agricultural districts
  5. A schedule for implementing the plan and an identification of possible funding sources for the long-term support of the plan

Establish a Working Committee comprised of the County Agricultural Advisory Board along with representatives of agricultural industry in the County: producers, distributors, educators, public health and policy-makers. A series of public meetings will gauge the opportunities and constraints to sustain agriculture in the County and provide input on the strategies developed by the Working Committee. It is anticipated that the plan process will take 10-12 months. The Working Committee’s recommended plan will then be presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration of adoption/acceptance.
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