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Community Input Meeting

Startown Community Input Meeting Results

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

Phone: (828) 465-8380
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Newton, NC 28658

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The Startown Small Area Plan Committee hosted a community input meeting on May 11, 2004 at Startown Elementary School. The purpose of the meeting was to receive input from citizens about the future of their community which the Committee will use in the development of a Small Area Plan. In addition to the Planning Committee members, forty (40) citizens attended the meeting.

The format of the meeting included an introduction of the Committee members and general information on the Small Area Plan process. Those in attendance were then divided into small groups and were asked three questions: "What do you like about the Startown area?; What concerns do you have for the Startown area?; What is your future vision of the Startown area?". Then the individual small group comments were posted on large sheets of paper on the walls and attendees voted for the top five issues that were important to them. Attendees were asked to limit one vote per issue.

Specific issues that residents voted on are listed below. The number beside each issue indicates the number of votes it received. If an issue does not have a number beside it, the issue was listed for voting but no one voted for it.
Transportation - (2)
Easy traffic flow (1)
Good location - within easy distance of shopping, towns, etc. (1)
Highway 321 - travel to Charlotte easier
No billboards

Community - (5)
Neighborhoods (2)
Active church community (2)
Sense of community (1)
Small community atmosphere
Familiarity of people
Quiet/people oriented community
Pace of life
Historical sites
Not congested/low density

Residential - (2)
Limited mobile homes (2)
Limited apartments
Majority residential
Majority owner occupied homes
Public Services - (7)
Schools (4)
Good Zoning (Enforced) (3)
Few restrictions
Police/Emergency/Fire Protection

Environment - (19)
Open spaces (7)
Rural (6)
Pasture land for domestic animals (2)
Farmland (1)
Seeing stars in night sky (1)
Naturalness of area (1)
Wetlands - streams/ponds (1)
Walnut Creek
Forest land
Cows & horses

Other Comments
We think the Startown area is a beautiful area, but it's behind the times with the world growing as fast as it is. We need to have more stores and maybe a recreation center for kids to have things to occupy their time.
Transportation - (18)
Don't want Catawba Valley Boulevard Extension to cross New Jerusalem Church property
(leave as is - protect scenic property) (15)
Traffic on Startown road (speeding, large trucks) (2)
Left turn signal at Startown and Highway 10
Do not want Startown Road to be a "4" lane
Too much traffic (1)
Widening of roads breaks up farms/other lands
Traffic around school
Robinson Road Extension design around school
Questioning the need/location of extending Robinson Road
Against 2 lane road from Robinson Road to Cansler Crossroads
Don't want Highway 64-70 to be another Independence Boulevard
Lack of maintained/paved roads

Community - (25)
Annexation (12)
Balance of property owner rights vs. restrictions (6)
Historic preservation (4)
Urban sprawl/overdevelopment (2)
Unclean areas and houses (1)
Changing of land use
Growing without a plan
Rapid growth
Impact of growth on rural character
Congestion - don't become a Mountain View
No expansion of Hospice

Environment - (17)
Loss of the farm (13)
Incentives to keep the farms running (2)
Air Quality Control (1)
Protection of waterways and basins (Catawba River) (1)
Encourage environmental neighborhoods (more green space)

Public Services - (9)
Overcrowded schools (5)
Lack of public input on land use decisions (funeral home) (2)
Lack of quality development standards
Lack of school capacity/use of trailers for classrooms (1)
Want sewer (1)
High insurance rates based on lack of fire protection (water lines, hydrants, etc.)
Water and sewer (don't care to have it extended)
Pave/sewer promises from Newton
Lack of recreation facilities parks/wellness facilities
Landfill expansion/possible contamination
Bus service

Placement of mobile/modular homes
Manufactured homes and habitat homes which depreciate - Robinson Road
Too much residential development
High density residential developments

Commercial/Industrial - (2)
Industrialization along US Highway 321 (1)
Encourage utilization of existing commercial buildings (1)
Too many businesses
Industrial complexes
Limiting commercial development to major intersections
Don't have strip development (put along roads and disperse but in pods)
Potential for strip commercial along Startown Road
Have commercial or industrial zoning (want residential)
Big box retailers

Other Comments
I am concerned that it will become more congested, too commercialized, and will not remain as residential as it is now due to the new 321. The Hwy 10 and Startown intersection is so congested. We need left turn signals at that intersection. The intersection of Old Conover Road and Startown Road even has a left turn lane and left turn signal light at it and there is not near the traffic as at the Startown intersection with Hwy 10. I would like to see some restrictions on planned single housing and less mobile homes. I would like to see more police presence in the area. My fear is Hwy 10 and Startown may slowly become another Hwy 70 or 321 business, or god forbid another Mountain View (Hwy 127) catastrophe.

Our concerns for this area is Startown school needs to be bigger to handle more children in the area. We also think that Startown Road needs to be wider. They also need a policeman at the school earlier in the morning when the traffic starts to pickup and not just for 15 minutes

Transportation - (15)
Rural dirt roads paved (7)
No additional 4 lane roads (3)
No road on new Jerusalem (3)
Improve existing major roads (Hwy. 10, Hwy. 321, Startown Rd., Robinson Rd.) (1)
Widen Startown Road (1)
Additional road built to reduce traffic on Startown Road
Scenic by-way (Highway 321)
Utilization of existing roads before new roads are built
Rocky Ford Road blocked at end of pavement
Develop road system for business/residence - such plan should precede development

Public Services - (14)
Expansion of water/sewer services (4)
People should be able to do what they want on their land (3)
Organized zoning (2)
Full paid fire protection (2)
New cultural facilities, library, museum, historical and recreational venues, park, community
center (2)
Adequate school facilities (1)
Use schools for recreation/cultural activities
Startown Middle School
More educational facilities
Services for the elderly (transportation/medical)
Coordinate "infrastructure" (cable, internet) with road development
"Low" taxes

Residential - (16)
Village concept (12)
Planned communities like "Stone's Throw" (landscaping, trees, entrance) (2)
Dillworth in Charlotte - dense, able to walk to stores, restaurants, etc. (1)
Minimum lot size five acres (1)
Good mix of high, medium, low density residential
No apartments
Ownership of homes
Rural character/more family/less industry

Commercial/Industrial - (7)
Shops in downtown Newton occupied (3)
Density closer to city (don't want industrial area) (1)
Reuse of existing facilities (1)
Neighborhood retail (1)
Limited industrial (1)
More "restrictions" on industrial development for 321 - Highway 10
Limit commercial/industrial development along 321 to interchanges
No commercial development around Highway 321
Businesses on main thoroughfares
Wendy's restaurant on corner
Direct business towards US 321

Environment - (2)
Rural (2)
Open space preserved if property owners compensated
Green space - improvement of air & water quality

Community - (18)
Modest growth with enforced good zoning (9)
Leave Startown as is (7)
If eventually annexed would prefer Newton (1)
Organized development (1)
BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Near Anybody)

Other Comments
I hope it will not become too commercialized. We have a fire department, churches, grocery store, gas stations-we need a park and possibly a pharmacy, maybe a small family restaurant. Sidewalks would be nice and public transportation would be wonderful. I hope the small community atmosphere will continue

We think that the future of this area can be a great one, with more stores, possibly industries and recreation for the kids. And I also think that North Carolina needs a lottery, so that the revenue can stay in this state to get things that we need.

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