St. Stephens/Oxford Small Area Planning Committee Meeting 
September 12, 2001

Members present:  Mike Williams, Todd Miller, Cliff Isaac, Mack Stafford, John Robinson, Anne Barrier (Chairperson and Planning Board liaison), Ira Cline, John Cline and Jeff Kerley.

Members absent:  Larry Brittain 

Staff present: Mary George and Richard Smith from the Catawba County Planning and Community Development Department, Randy Williams and Anthony Starr from the City of Conover, and John Tippett and Susan Baumann from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG).

Mrs. Barrier called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and Mr. Kerley clarified one change on the concrete crosswalk being considered instead of recommended by the group.  With this change, the group approved the minutes from the August 8, 2001 meeting.

Mrs. Barrier then turned the meeting over to Mr. Tippett to conduct a wrap up of the discussion on transportation.  Mr. Tippett directed the group to the Guiding Principles on page 10 of their notebooks and went over the items listed there with three minor changes as noted in their minutes.  

He then went to the Plan Recommendations on page 11 and clarified the recommendations there.  Mrs. George pointed these areas out to the group on an updated working map.  Mr. Randy Williams said that he had spoken to Mr. Sam Nichols with NCDOT about the light at the C & B Farm Road and NC Highway 16 intersection and this was the number two priority on their list and should be installed by summer of 2002.  

Mr. Tippett continued to review the updated Plan Recommendations with the group and clarified with them the changes that had been made there.  The subject of posting speed limit signs in subdivisions was discussed.  Mr. Mike Williams asked if the group was trying to solve a problem that does not even exist.  Mrs. Barrier said that she tends to agree with Mr. Williams because most people do not know that the speed limit in subdivisions (when not posted) is 55 miles per hour.  The group decided to remove this recommendation from their plan due to an existing policy for establishing speed limits through NCDOT.  

Ms. Baumann reviewed the scenic route recommendation with the group.  The group decided to shorten the suggested scenic route on River Bend Road.  

Mr. Tippett then went over the recommendations for the pedestrian system, bicycle system and transit system in the area.  The group decided to strike requiring crosswalks in subdivisions because of the findings that DOT would not look on these favorably when considering a road to be added to the State system.  

The topic of what the group wanted to see happen with the County Home Road area was discussed.  Mr. John Cline asked what the plans were to repave Highway 16 and the other roads in this area listed under the Pedestrian System.  Mrs. Barrier suggested changing the Bike System portion of the recommendation to incorporate the City of Hickoryís and the City of Conoverís bike lane/sidewalks plans and the group agreed with this suggestion.

Mr. Tippett told the group that staff would incorporate the changes discussed tonight into the plan and give them updated copies.  

Mrs. George suggested that the group review the working map to see what has been recommended thus far for the plan in this area.

Mr. Smith asked the group for their feedback regarding a proposed rezoning request for Sigmon Tire.  They concurred with the staff recommendation that the property should be rezoned under the planned district provisions.

Mrs. Barrier told the group that in light of the national tragedies that have recently occurred, the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, the meeting was going to be abbreviated so that the members could spend time with their family members.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 7:00 in the Conover City Hall (note change in regular meeting date).

Mrs. Barrier adjourned the meeting at 8:03 pm.