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Community Input Meeting

St Stephens/Oxford Community Input Meeting Results

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

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The St. Stephens/Oxford Small Area Plan Committee hosted a community input meeting on May 3,2001 at the Riverbend Middle School.  The purpose of the meeting was to receive input from citizens about the future of their community, which the Committee will use in the development of the Small Area Plan.  In addition to the ten Planning Committee members, seventeen (17) citizens attended the meeting. The format of the meeting included an introduction of the Committee members and general information on the Small Area Plan process. Those in attendance were then divided into small groups and were asked three questions: “What do you like about the St. Stephens/Oxford area?; What concerns do you have for the St. Stephens/Oxford area?;  What is your future vision of the St. Stephens/Oxford area?” After the individual small group comments were combined into general issue categories, they were posted on large sheets of paper on the walls and attendees voted for the top five issues that were important to them.  Attendees were asked to limit one vote per issue.
Specific issues that residents voted on are listed below.  The number beside each issue indicates the number of votes it received.  If an issue does not have a number beside it, the issue was listed for voting but no one voted for it.
  Rural Setting - 10
Rural setting (away from congestion) - 6
Great place to raise a family - 2
Rural setting - 1
Small town atmosphere - 1
Country atmosphere
Open Spaces
Quiet atmosphere
Topography (trees/lakes)
Independent people/great people
Local Church
Family ties

Transportation - 2
Transportation - 2
Convenience road
Easy access to highways (shopping)
Low traffic
Close to Lake
Close to Church

Commercial/Industrial - 1
Limited industrial - 1
Diversified businesses

Public Services
Good fire department (volunteer)
Less crime
New schools
Community schools (short commute)
Neighborhood schools
Low property tax
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