February 7, 2002 

Members Present: Ed Nolley (Chairman), Cathy Weaver, Jerry Beatty, Doug Howard, Clyde Sigmon, David Stewart, Helen Sides and Ed Neill.

Members absent: Paul Beatty, Glenn Hunsucker, Bryan Harvey and Keith Gabriel.

Mr. Nolley called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.  Mr. Nolley informed the Committee that Ms. George was unable to attend due to illness.

Ed Neill started the discussion by stating Mary George’s desire to clarify that it was the group’s intention that an open space subdivision design would be mandatory in the low-density area with a 30% open space requirement.  Everyone agreed that the 30% open space requirement was the intention of the group.

Discussion was held under Ed Neill’s direction pertaining to the open space/density bonus issue. Topics discussed were: who holds title to the open space area; transfer of developer rights; and density bonuses.  Following the discussion, Ed Neill made a motion that density bonuses would be awarded on a percentage basis equal to the percentage increase in the open space.  Doug Howard seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.  There was no further discussion.

Ed Nolley went back to the last meeting’s minutes.  Correction to be made to the minutes consisted of a typographical error in the 2nd paragraph of page 2.  Should read “residents” not “residence”.  With no further changes, the minutes were approved.

The second item discussed was a possible amendment to the Future Land Use map to coordinate with a recommendation from the Balls Creek Small Area Planning Committee.  This Committee had designated the intersection of Highway 16 and Buffalo Shoals Road as a neighborhood commercial node.  The Sherrills Ford Committee has this intersection currently designated as “rural commercial”.  After discussion, Helen Sides motioned that they change the intersection of Buffalo Shoals and Highway 16 from “rural commercial” to “neighborhood commercial” and eliminate the square footage requirement on buildings.  David Stewart seconded the motion. Discussion followed with Ed Nolley clarifying that they would be striking the 50,000 square feet requirement for all neighborhood commercial nodes and designating Highway 16 and Buffalo Shoals Road as a “neighborhood commercial center”.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Balls Creek Small Area Planning Committee also wanted to include Buffalo Shoals Road and Bandys Crossroad as a “rural commercial node”.  After discussion, Doug Howard motioned that the intersection be made into a “rural commercial node”.  Clyde Sigmon seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Discussion on the draft of the Small Area Plan commenced.  The Committee noted that in the Water and Sewer section, Page 34, paragraph 2, an addition to the end of the sentence should be made to read “and north on Hwy. 16 to Mt. Beulah Road.”
Discussion pursued on the issue of having a “Special Tax District” established for area recreation. Ed Neill motioned that the issue of a “special tax district for the purpose of area recreation” be pursued.  After further discussion, Clyde Sigmon seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Change Page 36, Item 12 to read: “Where public sewer is not available to support multi-family or non-residential development, alternate sewage disposal methods should be explored with preference to non-discharging systems.”

Change Page 36, Item 10 to read: “Support the results of the Library Facility Study to construct a new library facility and improve services to support the growing needs of the area.”

Replace Page 36, Item 5 to read the same as Page 19, Item 7.

Page 36, Item 6. Recommends that the County purchase the gameland property currently owned by Duke Power off Molly’s Backbone Road, Hudson Chapel Road and Island Point Road and other Crescent property off Little Mtn. Road at Mt. Beulah Road to be used for either wildlife preservation, active or passive recreational areas.  Funding could come from a special district tax established for recreation.

Page 38, Item 4. Delete “Highway 16/Buffalo Shoals Road”, and add “Buffalo Shoals Road/Bandys Crossroad to the rural commercial nodes.

Page 38, add new Item 5. This would be the same paragraph as on Page 20, Item 3, which reads “Designate a ‘neighborhood commercial center’ at the intersections of Highway 150 and Mt. Pleasant Road and Highway 16/Buffalo Shoals Road (see Map . Landuse Recommendations). Commercial uses at this location would include commercial services for the traveling public.  The acreage of each site would range from 10-25 acres.”

Page 38, Item 5. Make into Page 38, Item 6.

Page 39, last paragraph. Change “Duke Power has donated three large tracts...” to read “Duke Power has designated three large tracts...

Page 40, Item # 3. Tree Preservation. Change “When possible, existing mature shade trees...” to read “When possible, strive to preserve existing mature shade trees...”

Page 40, Item #5, Water Quality. Change “...Catawba River should be...” to read “...Catawba River must be...”

Add a recommendation stating that the County consider partnerships with local organizations to increase recreation facility opportunities.

Page 41, Item #3, Blend with Item #8 to make a new #3.  Add that the County pursue the possibility of obtaining state funds from the Wetlands Restoration Fund for the purchase of passive recreation areas in addition to a special district tax.
Page 41, Item #5, Subsection B: Change “A reduction of subdivision lot dimensional requirements up to 75%” to a number consistent with the open space requirement.

Page 41, Item #5, Subsection C.  Change to read “A sliding scale of an additional 1% reduction of lot size and/or 1% increase in density for each 1% of dedicated open space.”

Page 43, Item #2, Manufactured Housing.  Change to read “Manufactured housing, especially single-wide homes, should make up a minor portion of the overall future housing stock in Sherrills Ford.”

Page 43, Item #3, Multi-Family Housing. Change to read “Apartments, condominium and townhome developments should be located only on major roadways (Highways 150 and 16).  An emphasis...”

The proposed dates for the presentation of the draft plan to the public are: first choice: the week of April 15; second choice: week of April 22.

Next meeting to be held on February 21, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. (Note: meeting was later changed to February 28, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.)

Discussion was held regarding pictures for the front of the plan.  A picture of Uncle Billy’s Garden was brought in.  Other possible locations discussed were the General Store.  Another idea was to superimpose Little Mountain, showing the mountain as a background without the houses. Another idea was an aerial of the SAP showing the vast areas of open spaces in the area now. Other thoughts were Motts Grove Camp Ground, an old confederate iron works on Mountain Creek near Mt. Beulah Road and Little Mountain Road.

Further discussion was regarding catch phrases.  Suggestions made were “Protection of land values and provision for equitable property taxation” preservation of open space and the environment and “Smart Growth.”

There being no further discussions, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.