Plateau Small Area Planning Committee Meeting 
September 30 , 2004 

Members present: Scott Rhoney, Chairman, Barbara Hambrick, Tawanna Jarrett, Tenesa Lail, Jon Gladden, Donna Cullum, Terry Bledsoe, Pinkney Hull, and Greg Fulbright

Staff present: Andrea Lytle and John Kenny from Western Piedmont Council of Governments and Mary George and Connie Killian from Catawba County

Scott Rhoney, Chairman, called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance. Barbara Hambrick, seconded by Jon Gladden, made a motion to approve the August minutes as submitted. Scott turned the meeting over to John Kenny.

John Kenny informed the Committee that at this meeting they were going to go over the pictures that they had been asked to take at their last meeting that shows some of their likes and dislikes of this Committee's Plan area.

Scott Rhoney

  • Dollar General as it is a good asset in the community - always kept clean
  • County setting with pond and cabin
  • Horse auction at JR's Ranch - its unique and a good activity for the community
  • Large yards with animals
  • Banoak recreation area that is maintained very well
  • Family environment in the area
  • Fire Department
  • Church with good views
  • Traffic problems
  • "Carpet graveyard" and trash located on NC 10 near Catawba and Lincoln County line
  • Unkempt yards
  • Urban areas - large cities
  • Old mobile homes stripped out, particularly Mill Rd. area
  • Ritchie Field which is located behind Banoak School that needs to be better maintained and recreational opportunities and amenities added

Donna Cullum

  • Cooksville Hosiery landscaping and landscaping at Medical Center at Propst Crossroads
  • Rural character of area
  • Small signs of simple design
  • Banoak Food Store - good asset to community
  • Trailer restaurant which needs more landscaping
  • Madison Grill needs improved landscaping
  • Carpet graveyard at County line
  • Banner signs at car lots
  • Portable signs that are not kept up and maintained
Jon Gladden
  • Open spaces and the good views in the area
  • Strategic growth plan
  • Farming in the area
  • Lowes Food - Hickory keeps growth tight in
  • Voluntary Agriculture Districts
  • Keep city in the city and the country in the country
  • The fact that Hickory or County does not have water in this area

Teresa Lail

  • Jacobs Fork River area - very scenic
  • Rural/agriculture character of area
  • People buying larger acreage tracts for residential development
  • Peacehaven Estates
  • Traditional businesses such as Cooksville Grill and Paw Paw Patch
  • Henry River Park - wants more local recreation with ball fields, walking trails and soccer fields
  • Schools in community
  • Catawba Wildlife Club
  • Managed growth
  • Medical clinic at Propst Crossroads
  • Mobile home parks

Barbara Hambrick

  • Woodlands with tree preservation
  • Farmland that is properly maintained
  • Residential developments and businesses that are regulated
  • Would like to have a restaurant built at Propst Crossroads
  • Trailer parks
  • Vacant strip malls and business such as Kmart and grocery store at landfill

Greg Fulbright

  • Wildlife Club including its signage
  • Local barns that are scenic
  • Wildlife in area
  • Farmland
  • Nice landscaped subdivision entrances
  • Stormwater problems with soil erosion
  • Trailer parks
  • Yards that are not properly maintained
  • Catawba Co. not promoted with "welcome signs" in this area
  • Small lots in subdivisions
  • Need small or family businesses in this area

Pinkney Hull

  • Churches and maintained grounds
  • Nice homes
  • Farmland
  • Community revivals - the Arbors at Wesley's Chapel Church
  • Hawksridge Nursery
  • EMS Base located on Hwy. 127 because of its close proximity
  • Neat schools with nice looking buildings
  • County's new buildings
  • Vale Post Office - asset to community
  • Small businesses in this area
  • Good day care centers
  • Old barn in front of Heatherbook subdivision

Terry Bledsoe

  • Architecture of schools in area - Banoak needs work
  • Neat mobile home parks that are well maintained
  • Trailer parks - particularly the one across from Blackburn School
  • Areas like Oxford area where land was rural and it was sold and developed too quickly with not very good quality development
  • No condemnation options for homes poorly constructed and not maintained

John Kenny thanked everyone for his or her pictures and comments. He discussed the upcoming public meeting and possible meeting dates and time. It was the consensus of the Committee to have this public hearing in the Banoak Elementary School Cafeteria on Thursday, November 4, 2004 between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30 pm. He informed the group about how this particular public meeting would be conducted and asked for their help during this event.

The next regular meeting of this Committee will be on Thursday, October 28, 2004 beginning at 7:00 pm.