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General Process for Development of Plateau Small Area Plan

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

Phone: (828) 465-8380
Email Jacky Eubanks

map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
  • Planning Team meeting to discuss project scheduling, outcomes, specific logistics for future meetings and meet with other departments such as GIS and ITC to determine information available and how to format documents and maps. The Planning Team includes staff of the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG) and County Planning staff.

  • Data collection to include State, Federal and local data such building permits, sewer study documents, economic data and a review and update of data in the County's Current Conditions Report.

  • One-on-one interviews of Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, County Manager, Director of Planning & Development and other necessary Department Heads to identify current policies, public service/utility issues, external development influences and other information to supplement the data collection process.
  • Small Area Plan Committee is appointed by Board of Commissioners.
  • Orientation meeting for Steering Committee where they will be advised of the Small Area Plan process and be provided with general information about planning and infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads, etc.
  • Community meeting held for citizens in the District area to inform them of the Small Area Plan process. Also at these workshops, the Committee will obtain input from the citizens about their vision of the future for their community and identify issues of concern. This information will be used by the committee in developing the goals and objectives for the Plan.
  • Background information gathered from data collection phase and community information meetings will be completed.
  • Committee meets to discuss background information and input from community meetings. Begin development of goals and objectives for Plan to address the following: 1) Economic Development; 2) Natural Resources; 3) Cultural Resources; 4) Public Services and Facilities; 5) Housing; 6) Land Use and Development; and 7) Transportation.

  • Committee continues development of and refines goals and objectives for Plan.
  • Committee develops implementation strategy and time line for goals and objectives.

  • Committee reviews final issues in Plan and completes final draft Plan.
  • Draft plan presented to the community in a public drop-in meeting.
  • Committee reviews comments received from public on draft plan. The public will provide comments and critique the Plan and see if it addresses the original comments presented at the beginning of the Plan process.
  • Draft District Plan presented to Planning Board during a public hearing.
  • District Plan presented to the Board of Commissioners during a public hearing.
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