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Community Input Meeting

Plateau Community Input Meeting Results

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

Phone: (828) 465-8380
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Newton, NC 28658

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The Plateau Small Area Plan Committee hosted a community input meeting on November 4, 2004 at Banoak Elementary School. The purpose of the meeting was to receive input from citizens about the future of their community which the Committee will use in the development of a Small Area Plan. In addition to the Planning Committee members, ninety-five (95) citizens attended the meeting.

The format of the meeting included an introduction of the Committee members and general information on the Small Area Plan process. Those in attendance were then divided into small groups and were asked three questions: "What do you like about the Plateau area?; What concerns do you have for the Plateau area?; What is your future vision of the Plateau area?". Then the individual small group comments were posted on large sheets of paper on the walls and attendees voted for the top five issues that were important to them. Attendees were asked to limit one vote per issue.
Specific issues that residents voted on are listed below. The number beside each issue indicates the number of votes it received. If an issue does not have a number beside it, the issue was listed for voting but no one voted for it.

Transportation - (4)
Close proximity to cities, business (2)
Central location between cities
Good access to shipping (1)
Good location to travel to mountains and beach
Access to highways (1)
Proximity to schools

Community - (41)
Family-oriented community (7)
Lower population (1)
More stable population (not transient)
Laid back, country people (1)
"Neighbors are still neighbors" (2)
The "way it is" (6)
Rural character (4)
Potential for growth
Low crime, safe (11)
Heritage (rural farm land provides continuity from past to present) (3)
Peace and quiet, secluded (2)
Arts and crafts, pottery trade (4)
The Grill and Honey's
Tradition ("feels like home")

Residential - (4)
Space, big yards, as reflected in larger lots (acreage), privacy, low density (1)
No large housing developments (3)

Public Services - (20)
Not commercialized (3)
Good, community-oriented schools (3)
Churches (2)
No city taxes (2)
Low traffic
No industrial uses (7)
Close to fire department
Good fire, EMS departments (3)

Environment - (38)
Rural scenes (6) -cows, creeks, farm fields, trees, grass
Views of valleys, hills, mountains (2)
Wildlife (2)
Out in the country-hunting allowed
Open spaces (3)
Farmland and wooded areas (21)
Nature, wildlife (1)
Parks (1)
Clean environment and diverse ecology (1)
Water quality of the River (1)

Other Comments
No curfews
"We live in the country."

I would love to see water extended down Plateau road approx. 5 miles past Fred T Foard, until you at least hit Scronce Road. I know that Plateau Church located right at the intersection of Plateau and Scronce Road suffer tremendously with the iron problems, damaging bathrooms and kitchen areas, as do the residences (myself included) in this area. There are businesses past Fred T Foard, which would also benefit from this extension. Do you know if there are plans for water extension?
Transportation - (30)
Trash on highways (1)
Congestion, heavy traffic on Hwy 10, Plateau Rd by middle, high schools (15)
Speed limit on Hwy 10 (2)
Caution lights needed in congested areas
Traffic at schools - bad, bad, bad
Need wider roads -Hwy 10, secondary roads (6)
Fewer kids driving to school (1)
Maintenance of roads (5)
Lack of public transportation

Community - (25)
Drug houses
Rifle range (6) [Wildlife Club]
No community watch
New people making changes (1)
Don't look like Mountain View (5)
Community signs needed (4)
Lack of active, passive recreation areas, parks
Expand recreation programs, exercise facilities, facilities for kids (9)

Environment - (13)
Maintaining quality of the environment
Disappearing farmland and wilderness (2)
Industrial pollution - keep from happening (2)
Too much development - tracts should remain large and undeveloped (7)
Growth will diminish rural landscape
Lack of open space/recreation areas within subdivisions (1)
Developers to retain certain number of trees/ acre (1)

Public Services - (54)
Code enforcement-junk cars, campers at home sites, dilapidated structures,
condemning dangerous property, "junk" areas (18)
Greater law enforcement presence, response time (5)
Fast medical access (1) [EMS ]
Overcrowded schools, lack of current school funding (for Banoak additions), need for better schools, more schools
Too many regulations, less government dictation (4)
Restrictions, tax rates on farming by government (8)
No sewer lines (do not want) (5)
Lack of water for fire departments (1)

Land Use/Zoning (53)
Restrictions on land (2)
No annexation (48)
Overdevelopment-high density housing (2)
Big land developers (1)
Small-scale community development
Not forced to connect to water/sewer

Residential (17)
Population growth, too much residential growth (4)
Large development -- crowding
Mobile home parks (5)
Don't want more subdivisions (2)
High density residential - ½ acre lots too small (4)
No minimum housing standards

Commercial/Industrial - (1)
Chicken farm (smells)
Keep out development and big business (1)
Need commercial business sites cleaned
No commercial growth
Industry - too much

Other Comments

Transportation - (6)
Widening of roads (2)
Better road maintenance (4)
Public transportation

Public Services - (71)
Taxes reviewed and reduced; keep taxes low through less government (4)
Less regulation on personal property (6)
Better school facilities-funding to match needs (3); new school/addition at Banoak (30)
Satellite County services (police, fire, EMS) (7)
Sheriff substation (11)
Recycling station (1)
More water lines and hydrants (3)
Choice to connect to water/sewer
Better ways of handling waste water
Better ways of handling storm water run-off/storm drainage for developments
More agricultural districts
Install gate at [Propst] Crossroads (1)
Satellite library (3)
Commissioners elected by district in County (3)
Disaster prevented

Residential - (9)
New housing pays for itself
Limited housing development (3)
Less trailers, more stick built (6)

Commercial/Industrial - (15)
Limited commercial development
Small commercial development
Dining facility, family restaurant (4)
More shopping, jobs, restaurant (2)
Height requirement for buildings (1)
No strip malls (3)
No big boxes (1)
Grocery store
Industrial park
Protect current small businesses (4)
Tighter restrictions on nightlife business (ie, noise, hours of operation)
Environment - (16)
Same or more open spaces - keep farms! (6)
Greenways (1)
Adequate water supply (4)
Save farmlands and large tracts (1)
Drill own well (1)
Maintain rural landscape (1)
Organic gardening/land conservation
Retain forest areas (2)

Growth Management (42)
Limit development through zoning (4)
No rezoning
Slower growth (3)
Organized and controlled growth (7)
No concentrated growth in any one area
"Stay the same" (1)
Keep area rural (27)

Community - (18)
YMCA, family-oriented recreational business (3)
Large, multi-purpose sports facility, recreation complex (2)
Develop Ritchie Field (recreation) (10)
Need parks - walking trails, recreation
Farmers market, community bulletin board, bazaar/common area (no flea market) (3)
Community ministry (food pantry)
Retain family-oriented community

Other Comments

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