The Mountain View Small Area Plan Committee meeting began at 6:10 PM in the Mountain View Elementary School Media Center.

Members present: Debbie Pitts (chairman), Wade Scronce, Larry Johnson, Steve Von Drehle and Jeanette Ringley. 

Member absent: Paul Fleetwood.

Staff present: Mary George and Rich Hoffman from the Catawba County Planning Department; Dee Blackwell and Susan Baumann, consultants from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG).

Other present: Tom Carr and Keith Stahley from the City of Hickory.

Ms. Pitts: Opened the meeting.  Minutes from November 7, 2001 were approved.  Approximately 160 people came to last monthís community input meeting.  The public seemed to like the format.

Committee: Discussed the comments from the community input meeting.  Under land use and community design - lot size and density was brought up.  One comment mentioned that 2.5 units per acre with public water might be too small (for a house septic and repair field).  Ms. Gorge said that if a lot cannot get a 100 percent repair area then it will not be approved by Countyís Environmental Health Department.  The committee agreed to add the wording that 2.5 units per acre with public water with County Environmental Health approval.  

Commercial uses along Highway 127 had some conflicting comments.  Some felt that the commercial corridor was too close to the school while others felt the corridor should be increased.  Ms. George told the committee that their adopted plan would supersede the current Vision Quest Plan with regards to commercial activity along Highway 127.  

The committee agreed to reduce the commercial corridor to the jewelry store at Mtn. Grove Road.  They also wanted to qualify if the suggested bridge replacement along Mtn. Grove Church Road was in NCDOTís plans for maintenance or replacement.  They also wanted to keep the extra pavement requests in the plan (for walking and bicycles) when NCDOT constructed road-widening projects as well as leave the scenic highway designation areas in place.  Combining recreation and school functions received some comments from community.  Ms. George told the committee that recreation and school activities would not be competing against each other due to different time requests to use facilities.  The committee agreed that it was a good use of public money to share community facilities.  When to release school capacity was brought up but no amendment to recommendation was proposed.  Impact fees were brought up.  Ms. George said the County has discussed this in the past and has felt that due to legal and other issues impact fees would not be a current topic.  Also, if impact fees do become a topic it would be done countywide, not for a specific area.  

Mr. Blackwell mentioned that Mr. Blackwelder, who owns a large parcel, requested the committee to include his parcel in the R-1 zoning classification.  The committee has said in past meetings that they would include requests from owners in any rezoning recommendations.  With this addition, the committee agreed to create a connectivity of R-1 zoning classification on the map.  This was due to the established practice of recommending one parcel away from existing site-built subdivisions.  This would then include the north side of Mtn. Grove Road with Crafton Road.   

Ms. George mentioned the transfer of development rights as a way to alleviate the questions regarding lack of use of property above the 1,100-foot elevation.  

There was a lot of support from the community for preserving Bakerís Mountain.  

With these changes the committee agreed to present their recommendations to the Planning Board on February 25, 2002.  

Mr. Carr: Mentioned that this plan coordinates well with the adopted Hickory By Choice plan.  There are some areas in the Hickory plan that proposed commercial (that are not in the Mtn. View plan), but the emphasis on residential is similar.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.