Mountain View Small Area Plan
Committee Meeting for May 21, 2001

The Mountain View Small Area Plan Committee meeting began at 6:20 PM in the Mountain View Elementary School Media Center.

Members present: Jeanette Ringley, Debbie Pitts, Paul Fleetwood, and Larry Johnson.

Members absent: Steve Von Drehle and Wade Scronce.

Staff present: Mary George and Rich Hoffman from the Catawba County Planning Department; Dee Blackwell and Susan Baumann, consultants from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG); and Tom Carr from the City of Hickory.

The minutes from the April 23, 2001 meeting were approved.

Ms. George: She began a discussion on rural conservation areas.† Five areas in the County were identified as rural conservation areas.† This was one of the results of the Countyís Strategic Growth Plan accepted by the Board of Commissioners in September 1999.† Rural conservation areas were those areas identified for watershed protection, historic significance, and scenic areas.† A scenic rural conservation area was identified in Mountain View.† The committee agreed that the rural conservation area should not differ in regulation from the surrounding areas of low density due to the areas having the same character.† The exception being Bakerís Mountain where the committee discussed further conservation standards.†

Mr. Blackwell: He began a discussion on housing in Mountain View.† A map was displayed showing existing subdivisions in and around Mountain View.† He estimated approximately 7% of existing subdivisions are being developed as manufactured housing (both single-wide and double-wide mobile homes).† Spring Brook, Springdale and Robinwood Acres were noted.† Another map was displayed showing existing structures.† Very limited mobile home development was noted in Mountain View.

Committee: A discussion arose as how to and if they could limit the development of future manufactured home subdivisions.† The committee emphasized that the intent is to allow Mountain View to develop and to retain the character that it currently has (with regards to housing types).† Suggestions that the committee made were:

1)†††††††† Ensure through zoning, that existing subdivisions that primarily contain stick-built housing, to continue with that housing type.††††††

2)†††††††† Create an overlay corridor connecting existing stick-built subdivisions in the Hwy 127 area.† This corridor would require new developments to develop as stick-built housing.

3)†††††††† Create R-1 buffer zones surrounding existing stick-built subdivisions.†

4)†††††††† Create opportunities for other property owners to request rezoning of parcels from R-2 to R-1.†

Staff would review these options and present maps at the Committees next meeting.

Ms. George: Began a discussion on the policy statements that the committee members were reviewing.†

Mr. Hoffman:††††††††††† Explained that the list of policy statements were extracted from the minutes of past meetings.† The intent is for the committee to come to a consensus on policy statements.

The committee came to a consensus on the following policy statements:

Zoning Statements:

Language from minutes:

Heavy machinery operations and cellular towers should be limited in the Hwy 127 corridor.† Consider grand fathering existing uses and revise zoning ordinances to allow new uses to have more modern characteristics for Hwy 127.

Change to:

Examine C-2 zoning district for inappropriate uses by right for the Mountain View Small Area Planning Area.

(Open outside storage of commercial equipment was a concern of the committee).

Language from minutes:

The County should reserve the 5/70 permits for industrial and commercial uses.† This could be done with a change to the special use permit process.

Change to:

The County should reserve the 5/70 permits for industrial and commercial uses and churches.† This could be done with a change to the special use permit process.

Language from minutes:

The County should amend the sign ordinance to require consistency in signage for subdivisions, advocating a standard that all subdivision advertisements would adhere to.

The committee wished to address signs at a later date.

Language from minutes:

Create regulations for billboards on Hwy 127 and Highway 321 along with other changes to sign regulations.

Change to:

Create regulations for prohibiting billboards on Hwy 127 and Highway 321 along with other changes to sign regulations.

The next two statements were agreed to remain as is:

Establish high and low density areas for development in Mountain View.† The area south of Mountain Grove Church Road and west of Highway 127 should be established to allow for higher density growth.† The areas south of this line would be designated for less dense developments.

The City of Hickory has water lines from Huffman Farm Road to Pittstown Road to Zion Church Road to Highway 321.† This area should be designated to support higher density developments.

The committee will continue to edit the policy statements.

The next meeting date is set for June 11, 2001 at 6:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.