Balls Creek Small Area Planning Committee Meeting 
November 4, 2002 

Members present: Vance Dalton (chairman), Nancy Smyre, Nancy Jo Teague, Eddie Barringer, Philip Beard, Robert Couch, Jerry McCombs, and Eric Shook.

Members absent: Stanley Stewart, Mike Rutledge, Paul Beatty (Planning Board liaison), Janice Morrow, Robbie Bennett, and Michael Isenhour.

Staff present: Mary George and Jacky Eubanks from the Catawba County Planning Department and John Kenny, consultant from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG).

Mr. Dalton: Called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM. The minutes from the August 5, 2002 meeting was approved.

The committee began reviewing comments they received from their community meeting held on October 1, 2002. The first issue they discussed was the map for the proposed residential rezonings. Several citizens suggested additional areas to be rezoned R-1. The first area was around Woodland Oaks subdivision. The subdivision is currently zoned R-1 with a R-3 buffer. The plan proposes changing the buffer to R-1 on the north side. To be consistent, the committee recommended changing the southern buffer from R-3 to R-1.

The next area discussed was the Balls Creek Road/Fox Dairy Road area. One of the property owners attended the meeting and agreed to changing the area to R-1. The committee made this change to the map.

The proposed rezonings for Anderson Mountain were then reviewed. Due to the two manufactured housing developments (Mount Anderson and Rocking Horse Ridge) currently located on the mountain, the committee recommended keeping these developments R-3 but identified the property on the south side of the mountain to the County line to be rezoned to R-1.

Dr. Shook asked the committee to review the area around Oak Creek subdivision. The subdivision is currently zoned R-1. He suggested that to be consistent with Oak Creek's zoning, that the development to the south, Twin Oaks, also should be R-1. The committee agreed to make this change.

Ms. George then updated the committee on the changes to the Mountain View Small Area Plan -Mountain Protection District which were adopted by the Board of Commissioners. The committee agreed to revise the Mountain Protection District recommendations in the Balls Creek plan to be consistent with the Mtn. View plan.

Mr. Eubanks then discussed the process that staff undertook in reviewing the Mtn. View plan with the Board of Commissioners. He informed the committee that one issue which the Board wanted to amend was allowing a higher density corridor along existing waterlines. Chairman Dalton expressed his concern that one true theme from the initial community meeting was that citizens wanted to preserve the rural character of the area. He felt that if the density was increased along these corridors that the rural character would be lost. Mr. Barringer stated that the committee identified existing farmland when they established the two-acre lot size requirement in the northeast section of the district. Mr. Kenny stated that he understood that the County was trying to make all the small area plans fit together. Mrs. Smyre felt that she did not want to compromise the area's rural character. Chairperson Dalton stated that he felt strongly about the two-acre area with the exception of the area abutting the Town of Maiden. Mr. Barringer suggested that representatives of the committee meet individually with Board members to discuss the high-density issue in the northeast, Hwy. 16 corridor and abutting the Town of Maiden. Chairperson Dalton and Mr. Barringer were designated as the primary representatives with Dr. Shook and Mr. Crouch as alternates. Comments received from these meetings would then be presented back to the committee as a whole.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.