Balls Creek Small Area Planning Committee Meeting 
May 6, 2002 

Members present: Vance Dalton (chairman), Nancy Smyre, Nancy Jo Teague, Eddie Barringer, Eric Shook, Phillip Beard, Robert Couch, and Jerry McCombs. 

Members absent: Stanley Stewart, Mike Rutledge, Paul Beatty (Planning Board liaison), Janice Morrow, Robbie Bennett, and Michael Isenhour.

Staff present: Mary George, John Witherspoon and Rich Hoffman from the Catawba County Planning Department; John Kenny, consultant from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG).

Mr. Dalton: Called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  The minutes from the April 8, 2002 meeting were approved.

Mr. Kenny: Reviewed the draft plan.  He noted the amendments that were changed from last month’s discussion.  The recommendation regarding clustering would be encouraged in all residential densities.  It was also clarified that the 5% or 10,000 square foot open space requirement was for the village area as a whole and not just for multi-family development in the village area.      

Under the Commercial section the committee wanted to change grassed areas to landscaped areas (for aesthetics) along road frontage.   They also wanted to add a comment to research setback ordinances and put a statement to that effect in the plan under the transportation section (not the commercial section).  

New discussions took place regarding the Natural Resources, Cultural Resources and Economic Development sections.  Under Natural Resources, the committee wanted to add review criteria for development on Anderson Mountain.  They agreed with the 1 lot per 2-acre density requirement but also wanted to have all new lots reviewed by a special use permit prior to construction.  They wanted to insure that limited site clearing would take place and felt that a special use permit on an individual lot-by-lot basis could help insure against excessive land clearing.  They also wanted to add the wording that limiting development and clearing on the mountain is in the efforts of preserving soils due to steep slopes, preservation of open-space, preservation of scenic areas, and preservation of the drinking water supply since this is a watershed area.      

The Committee agreed to delete the recommendation to apply development standards for Maiden and Allen Creek watersheds after the State de-classifies them as watersupply watersheds.

Ms. George discussed Transfer of Development Rights (TDR).  Currently the County does not have the authority to allow for TDR.  We would need legislation from the State.  TDR is when you allow development rights to be transferred from an area where your trying to preserve low density to an area where you have designated increased density opportunities.  The committee agreed to research the opportunities of TDR.

The Committee also wanted the single-family residential and village open space recommendations added to the Natural Resources section in addition to the recommendation regarding public water extensions.

The Cultural Resources section was acceptable as written with the inclusion of adding language about the campgrounds (camp meetings).

The Economic Development section was acceptable as written with the first section being made compatible with the Land Use section.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 3rd at 6:30 PM. (earlier start time).  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.