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Balls Creek Community Input Meeting Results

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks
Planning & Parks Director

Phone: (828) 465-8380
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Newton, NC 28658

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meeting photoThe Balls Creek Small Area Plan Committee hosted a community input meeting on July 23,2001 at the Balls Creek Elementary School. The purpose of the meeting was to receive input from citizens about the future of their community, which the Committee will use in the development of the Small Area Plan. In addition to the Planning Committee members, twenty-eight (28) citizens attended the meeting. The format of the meeting included an introduction of the Committee members and general information on the Small Area Plan process. Those in attendance were then divided into small groups and were asked three questions: "What do you like about the Balls Creek area?; What concerns do you have for the Balls Creek area?; What is your future vision of the Balls Creek area?" After the individual small group comments were combined into general issue categories, they were posted on large sheets of paper on the walls and attendees voted for the top five issues that were important to them. Attendees were asked to limit one vote per issue.

Specific issues that residents voted on are listed below. The number beside each issue indicates the number of votes it received. If an issue does not have a number beside it, the issue was listed for voting but no one voted for it.

Rural Setting - 7
Rural atmosphere - 3
Open spaces and farms - 2
Rural farm - open land, nice drives, honest & hardworking people - 2
Rural farmland
Rural but close to commercial areas
Good mix urban - rural living
Good place to live
Quiet area
Clean and quiet
Clean air

Heritage - 1
Cultural heritage - 1
Rich history & culture - Dr. Hart Historical Place, Murray's Mill, Bunker Hill Bridge, Campground
History and heritage

Committee Photo Community

Good church, school, hospitals
Churches (variety)
Churches serve as center of community
Opportunity for religious expression


Community unity
Community committed to schools, churches, children, families
Friendly - caring people (family atmosphere) tight knit
Small family-type community
Family roots
Family oriented
Good area to live in - good folks to work with
Friendly folks
Wonderful neighbors
Good volunteers
Public Services
Low crime
Excellent educational facilities
Good schools
Schools serve as center of community
Low tax rate
Fire department

Not Charlotte/Hickory but within commuting distance
Centrally located Hickory/Charlotte
Close to activity - mountains, beach
Close proximity to shopping
Close to larger cities

Single-family homes
Houses aren't crowded - open space
Good area for retirees (Abernathy Center)

Good roads
Low traffic

Civic organizations
Balls Creek Optimist (youth activities)

Public Services - 35 Government - 19 Quality County leadership, public policy - land use, quality education - all minority groups - 14
Less control (i.e. government) - 3
County emphasis is on Mountain View - Startown area - new schools - 1
Lack of developmental planning - 1
Where will money come from (State cutting funding)? Will all people (taxpayers) bear burden of providing funding?
Being able to use your land the way you want to - family land concerns
Restrictive covenants
Configuration of Balls Creek SAP lines - move eastern line east (Little Mountain)
Schools - 9 Maintain high quality schools with good teachers - 6
Teachers having to spend time teaching English to immigrants - 3
School enrollment (overcrowding)
School crowding - everyone wants to live in Balls Creek - shortage of available homes
Over crowded schools
Meeting PhotoSchool overcrowding
Parental school involvement
Emergency Services Maintain safety - low crime
Not enough emergency services
Response times
Not enough police protection
Sheriff Department response time
Recreation - 4 Need better access to community buildings for community use - 4
Insufficient recreation facilities
Infrastructure - 2 Insufficient infrastructure (water/sewer lines, improved roads) - 2
Want water & sewer for everyone
Solid Waste - 1 Junkyards - 1
Junk vehicles
Inconvenient bottle recycling facility (container too small & difficult to fit bottles into) at landfill

Charlotte moving in this direction - will Balls Creek be ready with schools, housing, public infrastructure, can crime remain low?

Residential - 14
Control of growth - 6
Too many people in 1 home - not paying taxes and overcrowding schools - 5
1 acre should be the lot size - recent 2 acre requirements is too harsh - 2
Loss of farm land to developments - 1
Balancing growth with rural character - property owners rights
Over population (1/4 - ½ acre lots too small), tax payers not able to keep up with rapid influx of new people
Remain residential area for families, no annexing, loss of identity, remain agricultural
Want to control growth with emphasis on housing for younger people starting out
Organized residential development
Residential growth
Manufactured housing
Affordable housing
Lack of rental property
Not over-develop land

Transportation - 2
Traffic congestion in school area - 2
Traffic Eastern thoroughfare (Newton - Conover loop)
Need wider roads and need to be maintained - if had wider roads wouldn't need sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclists

Industrial/commercial growth
Need quality childcare

Language barriers


Meeting Photo Public Services - 36 Infrastructure - 26 Water & Sewer - 12
County water system - 12
Water and sewer for everyone at a reasonable price - 2
Water & Sewer
Countywide water system
Emergency Services - 5 Crime Prevention - 4
Low crime - 1
Emergency/Fire protection
Schools - 2 Quality Education - 2
More Schools Provide children (school) with the best technology
Stricter School Discipline
Continuing Education locally
Recreation - 2 Public recreation (near water - picnic, playground, boats/fishing) -1
Park/recreation center (all ages) - 1
Community Building
Recreational opportunities
Community events
Public park - walking trails etc.
More Cultural Involvements for Diversified Population
Government - 1 Less Government Intervention - 1
Lower taxes
Better communications between the County & Tax Payers
Receive as much attention and funding as Mountain View
More County involvement for Balls Creek Community
Residential - 21
1 acre lots - 10
No mobile homes - 4
Enforcement of minimum housing standards and restrictions on "temporary" Homes (i.e. campers) being used permanently - 3
High quality development - 3
No more developments like the doublewide community off of St. James Church Road near Prison Camp Road (mobile homes okay but the development is not maintained) - 1
Planned community housing

Transportation - 10
Hwy. 16 widened (4-lane) - 5
Better traffic pattern at Bandys H.S. - traffic light - 4
Highway 16 by-pass - 1
Park & Ride Program
Widen roads for bikeway
Widen heavy use roads
Wider roads
Light rail from Olivers Cross Roads to Balls Creek
Smooth traffic flow around schools

Commercial - 2
Commercial/industrial growth (limited) - 2
No more commercial activity - can drive to those areas if needed
Appearance criteria (businesses)
Planned commercial space
Development that offers jobs and/or services (Hwy. 16)
Increased Economic Development in Urban Areas Post Office

Rural Setting - 1
Preservation of Farmland - 1
Keep rural/agrarian
Agricultural/Rural Area (Support Business)
Preservation of Natural Resources

Status Quo
Community Stay the Same as much as Possible
Continue quiet, family community
No more growth or very little
Controlled Growth

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