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Safety Tips for Bakers Mountain Park

Bakers Mountain office

6680 Bakers Mountain Road
Hickory, NC 28602-8210
Phone: (828) 324-8461

Blair Rayfield, Parks Manager
Phone: (828) 312-4803
Email Parks Manager

Riverbend Home
Bakers Mountain Home
St Stephens Home

Check in at the kiosk.
This allows park staff to know who is in the park and is intended for your safety.

Be prepared. Bakers Mountain is a large acreage park with some very steep terrain. Pay attention to trail markers and map stands, and understand how to use both. Recommended items to bring include water, a park map, compass and a cell phone (or whistle).

Be alert. Wildlife is just that . . . WILD. Observe plants and animals from a safe distance. Do not harm or remove plants or animals. Watch for changing weather conditions, and allow time to get back to your car before weather becomes severe.

Be wise. Know your physical limitations. If possible, take a partner. If you become lost, go to the nearest map stand to help you determine your location, or call (828) 324-8461 for the quickest route back to the park office.

Know the trail conditions. Wet trails can cause possible falls, since the terrain is steep.

Use common sense. Most of all have fun and enjoy the natural beauty of Bakers Mountain Park.

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