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Ecological Information for Riverbend Park

6700 Hwy 16 N
Conover, NC 28613
Phone: (828) 256-9157

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Blair Rayfield, Parks Manager
Phone: (828) 312-4803
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  Riverbend Park is 450 acres of hardwood and Loblolly Pine forest. Most of the hardwood forest is located in the low-lying areas near the river and along the creeks and streams. The higher hilltops are retired agricultural land now planted in Loblolly Pines that are about 30+ years old. The Loblolly Pine plantation originally occupied approximately 190 acres of the park. However, in 2005, roughly 40 acres of the pine was timbered to allow the land area to revert back to a native hardwood forest. Funds received from the lumber was placed in the Catawba County Parks Trust Fund. As the native habitat returns to the timbered area, additional acres will be incrementally timbered, creating habitat in various stages of ecological development. Three and one half miles of creeks, wetlands, grassy meadows, and a 3/4-acre pond on the property help support and attract a variety of fauna and flora.

Because the park is located in a transitional area between the piedmont and foothills of western North Carolina, we experience great diversity of plant life and wildflowers. The Catawba River, the northern boundary of the park, also attracts and supports a wide range of birds and wildlife associated with riparian habitats.

Riverbend Park is a passive recreational park with the goal of preserving the unique and diverse natural heritage of Catawba County.
Preserving Catawba County's Natural Heritage