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Mountain Laurel

Ecological Information for Bakers Mountain Park

Bakers Mountain office

6680 Bakers Mountain Road
Hickory, NC 28602-8210
Phone: (828) 324-8461

Blair Rayfield, Parks Manager
Phone: (828) 312-4803
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  Bakers Mountain Park is a passive recreational park committed to preserving the unique and diverse natural heritage of Catawba County. The park has a deciduous temperate forest ecosystem located on an isolated mountain (Monadnock) reaching 1780 feet above sea level, Catawba County's highest peak. Due to this higher elevation, Bakers Mountain is home to vegetation usually associated with the mountains. Most of the 200 acres of parkland is covered with a mature forest over-story dominated by Chestnut Oak with a under-story of woody shrubs and trees, including Mountain Laurel on the hillsides and Rosebay Rhododendron along small streams. Other unique plants growing in the park include Table Mountain Pine, Pitch Pine, Boynton's Locust, Shiny-leaf Meadowsweet, and Heartleaf Wild Ginger.

Wildlife viewing opportunities abound at Bakers Mountain Park. Butterflies sip nectar from shrubs and wildflowers in the Butterfly Garden. The three streams traversing the park are home to a variety of salamanders and frogs, indicators of high water quality. During summer months, lizards scurry around tree trunks as hikers pass along the trails. Box Turtles crawl through the leaf litter. Black racers, black rat snakes, and eastern ribbon snakes slither across the forest floor. White-tailed deer pause to drink water from the stream habitat area. Birds, 104 species to date, fill the air with their calls and flight.
Preserving Catawba County's Natural Heritage