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The Internships

Catawba County welcomes the opportunity to host interns as part of our work team! These internships provide invaluable learning experiences and opportunities to positively impact the community through meaningful and challenging work in a variety of departments. Hover over the photos below to meet a few former and current Catawba County interns!


    Daniel Miller
    Intern with Cooperative Extension Service
    Agribusiness Management major, North Carolina State University

    What was your favorite experience from your internship?
    I personally loved going out to the different farms and meeting the farmers. Hearing their stories and providing help whenever we could really opened my eyes to why people love this job.

    How did your mentor/supervisor inspire or help you to grow during your internship?
    Everyone in the office showed me that you can never stop learning. In agriculture things change every day, between pests and weeds and diseases the battle never ends so your education can’t stop either. That’s what I love about this industry.

    What did you like to do in Catawba County?
    Every Wednesday me and a few guys from soil and water and some people from the government center would go to the bowling alley, bowl and get lunch.


    Rachel Allore
    Intern with the Legal Department
    Political Science and Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill

    What was your favorite project from your internship?
    My favorite project so far has been my research on whether prisoners are permitted to wear religious headgear in the county prison. This project required the study of state and federal statutes and required me to form the most beneficial solution to the issue in regard to protection of religious freedom and the law.

    How did your mentor/supervisor inspire or help you to grow during your internship?
    Debra Bechtel, the County Attorney, has been an incredible source of motivation and genuine inspiration throughout my internship. The projects she assigns serve more than just a task that needs completing; each task exposes me to many different types of law, and she challenges me to think legally about my tasks while offering explanation and guidance. She has been incredibly supportive and reassuring, and she gives me confidence in my abilities and my future in this career field. Working for such an amazing and dedicated attorney inspires me to do my best work every day in the hopes of becoming even half the attorney Debra is.

    What did you like to do in Catawba County?
    I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, boating on Lake Hickory, seeing movies at the Carolina Theater, shopping at Valley Hills Mall, just to name a few activities.


    Belive Vue
    Intern with Information Technology

    What was your favorite experience from your internship?
    My favorite experience was learning how roaming profiles worked and what the other options were.

    How did your mentor/supervisor inspire or help you to grow during your internship?
    Stephanie Pannell inspired me to be more curious about the computer technology field and has taught me many things while under her mentorship.

    What did you like to do in Catawba County?
    I loved to go out to the libraries and help the librarians in need. They were always happy to see us and were always friendly towards the IT department.

Both paid and unpaid internships are offered throughout the year. Because Catawba County’s departments provide a variety of services and cross many different fields of work, internships are managed according to each department’s unique needs. Departments that have hosted interns in the past include Cooperative Extension, County Manager's Office, Elections, Emergency Services, Library, Public Health, Sheriff's Office, Social Services, Technology and Utilities & Engineering. See below for links and contact information for departments that commonly host interns.

The Legal department offers two types of internships:
  1. Unpaid internships offered year-round for college students interested in Law, typically for college credit
  2. Paid summer law clerk positions for students who have completed their first or second year of law school
For more information about these internships or clerkships, contact Debra Bechtel by email or phone at (828) 465-8319.

The Library offers unpaid internships throughout the year for college and graduate students interested in Library Sciences. For information about internship opportunities, contact Siobhan Loendorf by email or phone at (828) 465-8292.

Public Health
Public Health accepts internship applications throughout the year. Find information about Public Health internships and the application at Public Health’s Internship webpage.

Sheriff's Office
The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office offers unpaid internships for college students studying criminal justice or a related field. Contact Lt. John Helton (828-465-8336) to pick up an application packet. Students seeking internships must provide a contract between their respective college and the Sheriff’s Office before beginning the internship.

The Sheriff’s Office also works with Catawba County Schools to offer internships for high school juniors and seniors interested in a career in law enforcement. Students interested in this internship program should contact their school counselors for more information.

Social Services
Internship opportunities are available throughout the year within our Family and Children’s Services or Adult Services programs for students working toward a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Social Work, or 4 year degree in Human Services. These programs include poverty prevention, school social work, child and family mental health services, protective services for children, protective services for adults, serving adults with disabilities, serving as a legal guardian for adults, long term care services for adults, and senior nutrition. Some internships have led to full time employment upon successful completion. If you are interested in requesting more information about pursuing an internship at Catawba County Social Services, please email your resume including area of interest to You can also visit our internship and employment website at:

Utilities and Engineering
Internship opportunities in Utilities and Engineering are available throughout the year for undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, chemistry, biology, or a related field. For more information, contact Barry Edwards by email or phone at (828) 465-8973.

Other Internship Opportunities
If you are interested in learning about internship opportunities in any other departments, contact Angie Triplett by email or phone at (828) 465–8265.

Criminal background and drug screening checks will be required for all internships, with the exception of high school interns.

View our internship policy