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Requirements for Vendors Operating at Fairs,
Festivals, and Other Public Exhibitions


Food & Lodging:
Scott Carpenter
Environmental Health Supervisor
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Septic Systems & Wells:
Megen McBride
Environmental Health Supervisor
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Temporary food establishments which operate in connection with a fair, carnival, circus, public exhibition or other similar gathering must possess a permit to operate from the local Environmental Health Department. These stands must meet the requirements contained in 15A NCAC 18A .2635, a copy of which is available here.

The Catawba County Environmental Health Department has developed a brochure, Temporary Food Establishment Requirements (PDF), En Espanol (PDF*)   Hmong (PDF*) to assist vendors in understanding the requirements contained in these rules. Vendors should review this brochure and contact the Catawba County Environmental Health Department with any questions. The Temporary Food Stand Guidelines & Permit Application (PDF) must be submitted to the Catawba County Environmental Health Department no less than two weeks before the first anticipated day of operation. Copies are also available at our offices in printed form. As of July 1, 2008, a fee applies. Click here for fee schedule.

Festival organizers should include a copy of the brochure, along with the application, in the information package sent to potential festival vendors. Organizers should also submit to the Catawba County Environmental Health Department a list of all food vendors who will be participating in the event.

The brochure discusses the requirements and standards for these requirements, including:

  • conducting all operations under a tent or in an approved enclosure
  • source of running water under pressure and an equipment sink in each temporary food stand
  • storage
  • use of screens and fans
  • sneeze guards
  • temperature controls for food safety
  • use of stem thermometers
  • heated water for hand washing
  • disposal of wastewater and garbage
  • food preparation, including special requirements for hamburgers and poultry
  • foods which cannot be served
  • drinks which may be served
  • exemptions from the rules, and requirements for verifying exempt status

Representatives of the Catawba County Environmental Health Division will be on site to issue permits before vendors commence operation, and will continue to monitor operations during the festival.

The Catawba County Public Health Department will provide translation services where necessary, including assistance in completing the required Temporary Food Stand Guidelines & Permit Application (PDF). Vendors or their representatives should contact the Catawba County Environmental Health Division to request these services.