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hazardous materials

Hazardous Materials

Karyn Yaussy

  Karyn Yaussy
Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: (828) 465-8989
Email Karyn Yaussy

Physical Address:
map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Mailing Address:
PO Box 389
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours:
M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sec. 14-2. - Hazardous materials emergencies.
    Amended by /13891/Ordinance No. 2010-07

    (a) Authority. Pursuant to G.S. ch. 166A, the Emergency Management Act, and the general powers granted to the department of environment, health and natural resources, the authority to abate public health nuisances shall be delegated to the county emergency management office.

    (b) Purpose and intent. The duties of the county emergency management office shall include controlling and eliminating the threat to public health that hazardous materials/waste emergencies pose which include but are not limited to spills, accidents, illegal dumping and other releases of hazardous materials into the environment. The emergency management office shall have the authority to summarily remove, abate, or remedy hazardous material emergencies within the jurisdiction of the county that are a threat to public safety. The expense of such action shall be borne by the party in default.

    (c) Charges. Liability for an incident which threatens public health lies with the owner or agent of the owner of the hazardous materials who shall be liable for all containment and removal costs, including the county's response fee, and for the use of any other equipment and materials necessary to abate the threat to public safety. County fee schedule.