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Community Alert Systems
and Special Needs

Karyn Yaussy

  Karyn Yaussy
Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: (828) 465-8989
Email Karyn Yaussy

Physical Address:
map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Mailing Address:
PO Box 389
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours:
M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Community Alert System

Catawba County and the municipalities of: Hickory, Newton, Conover, Claremont and Catawba partner to provide an emergency notification system called the Community Alert System to notify citizens and businesses by telephone, text and email of important information in a large-scale emergency. The system may also be used to notify the public of important and urgent situations related to public safety such as utility interruptions, road closures, hostage situations and public health emergencies. The Community Alert System is intended to supplement, not replace information citizens receive from local officials through TV and radio. Messages may include information and instructions about where to go, what to do, and contact numbers for further assistance. Messages can also be sent as e-mail or SMS text if those sources are registered by the citizen.

Telephone numbers which are publicly available are entered into the system by our vendor CodeRED. Residents and business owners within Catawba County are strongly encouraged to register on our website to further define the information and to add other contact methods such as cell phones and email. Having multiple contact methods ensures you will get the most important messages wherever you are. People who self-register can create a password so they can change their personal information as often as needed and can remove themselves from the system if they so choose.

To register for Catawba County Community Alert System:

Special Needs

Dealing with an illness, chronic medical condition, disability or functional need can be stressful in many situations but will be even more difficult during a disaster or household emergency such as a winter snow or ice storm, flooding or fire. The best approach to this type of situation is to prepare now so you and your family or caregivers will have a plan of what to do, where to go and have the supplies or equipment ready that you will need to handle both the emergency and your personal illness or disability.

The first three things you should do right now to be ready are:
  1. Sign up for Catawba County’s Community Alert System. This is a telephone message system that can provide important information from local officials during a disaster. Community Alert System registration

  2. Complete the Catawba County Special Needs Registry Application and mail it to the address listed above. Or fill out our online Special Needs Registry Application. See brochure “Preparing Citizens with Special Needs for an Emergency”.

  3. Read the brochure on how to “Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Persons with Disabilities” and begin the steps described in that brochure to: Get a Kit of Emergency Supplies, Make a Plan for What to do in an Emergency, and Be Informed about What Might Happen.
Most important of all is to share your plan and discuss these steps with your family and caregivers. They are your best support and strongest advocates.

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