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Be Prepared Financially

Karyn Yaussy

  Karyn Yaussy
Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: (828) 465-8989
Email Karyn Yaussy

Physical Address:
map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Mailing Address:
PO Box 389
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours:
M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Your first priority in an emergency should always be to protect your family and property. But it's also important to guard against the financial consequences of a disaster.

As part of emergency preparedness, Catawba County Emergency management offers an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK). Created by Los Angeles-based Operation HOPE, a nonprofit agency that provides financial literacy and economic empowerment programs, the EFFAK can help you identify important financial documents and serves as a quick reference guide for critical information.

Emergency Management tips for financial preparedness:

  • Complete your EFFAK financial worksheet, which includes bank account, credit card, and insurance policy information. If you store this information electronically, make a backup copy.

  • Take the time to identify and organize important financial and legal documents such as social security cards, mortgages or leases, bank and credit card statements, investment papers, tax returns, and insurance information.

  • Make copies of your important documents and your completed EFFAK and put them in a secure place, either at home in a protected area or at an off-site location.

  • Update your EFFAK once a year to keep the kit current.