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Frequently Asked Questions

Amanda Duncan
Board of Elections Director
Phone:(828) 464-2424
Fax: (828)464-9832

Mailing Address:
PO Box 132
Newton, NC 28658

See a map:
map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

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  Am I properly registered and where do I vote?
From the State Board of Elections website you may check your registration using Voter/Absentee Lookup.

If you are registered in NC, you will be able to see:
  • The County in which you are registered (you must re-register if you move to a different county)
  • Address where you are registered
  • Your Party affiliation
  • Your Polling Place (on election day). You may vote at any One-Stop site in the county before election day.
  • Your Sample Ballot(s). If you are Unaffiliated you will be shown ballots from each party—at the polls you may choose only one party’s ballot to vote.
  • Your Jurisdictions (Precinct, Congress, Superior Court, Judicial, NC Senate, NC House, School, etc.)
  • Your Voter History
  • Any current Absentee Request

On election day, you may vote only at your assigned precinct. To vote early, you may go to any one-stop early voting location in your county.

How do I register or change my Name, Address or Party Affiliation?
Registration forms are available at the Board of Elections Office, any public library, DMV, town and city halls, various county agencies and via a Printable Registration Form.  Forms must be signed and delivered to the BOE Office (by mail or in person).  [Solicitud de Inscripción para Votar en Carolina del Norte]

For Catawba County voters, forms may be brought to the BOE office in the Government Center in Newton or mailed to:
Catawba County BOE, PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658.

May I sign a Voter Registration for someone else?
No, only a voter may sign his or her voter registration application. You are not permitted to sign the form for your spouse, child or parent, even if you have power of attorney for the person.

I moved within the county but haven’t changed my registration. May I still vote?
Yes, as long you haven’t moved out of the county and are registered with an Active or Inactive Status. Registration changes may be sent to the elections office any time before books close 25 days before each election—no changes may be made by the office during that period until after the election.  However, when you show up to vote at a One-Stop early voting location or at your proper precinct on Election Day, a change of name or address may be made at that time by the poll workers.

If you are making a change more than 25 days before an election, do so by sending a completed registration form to the Elections Office.  If it is less than 25 days before an election, make your change when you present to vote.  If making the change on Election Day, you should call the elections office to find out your correct precinct. 828-464-2424

May I change my party affiliation at the polls when I show up to vote?
No. A voter’s party affiliation may not be changed after the Registration Books close 25 days before an election. To change your party before that day, simply fill out a new registration form and submit it to the BOE office.

Who is qualified to vote in North Carolina?
To register to vote in North Carolina, a person must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Must be a resident of the county, and prior to voting in an election, must have resided at his or her residential address for at least 30 days prior to the date of the election.
  • Must be at least 18 years old or will be 18 by the date of the next general election.
  • Must not be serving a sentence for a felony conviction (including probation or on parole). If previously convicted of a felony, the person’s citizenship rights must be restored. Citizenship and voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of the sentence. No special document is needed; however, you must re-register after your voting rights have been restored.
  • Must rescind any previous registration in another county or state.

I am registered as “Unaffiliated,” may I still vote in a primary?
Yes. North Carolina currently recognizes three political parties:  Democratic, Republican and Libertarian. If you are registered as “Unaffiliated” you may choose a parties’ ballot to vote during a primary. Note: If there is a Primary runoff, you may only vote the same party’s ballot you chose in the first election. If you did not vote in the first primary, you may choose from the available parties during the runoff.

Your party affiliation has no bearing on General or Municipal elections, only during Partisan Primaries and 2nd Primaries.

Will I be asked to show a Photo ID when I vote?
On July 29, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit struck down photo ID requirements and associated laws in North Carolina (S.L. 2013-381) , as amended by (S.L. 2015-103). The state is considering its options. Barring a different outcome on appeal, photo ID will not be required in the upcoming general election. Further details will be posted as they become available.

How can I vote in North Carolina?
In order to vote in North Carolina, a person must be a qualified registered voter. The deadline to register to vote is 25 days before the day of an election. There are three methods by which a registered voter may cast a ballot:

  1. In-person at the voter’s proper precinct on Election Day
  2. In-person at a one-stop early voting site in the voter’s county of residence during the one-stop absentee voting period. You may vote at any of the one-stop locations.
  3. Absentee By-mail

How do I request an Absentee Ballot by mail?
To receive a mail-in absentee ballot for an election, a voter or the voter’s near relative* or legal guardian must use the State Absentee Ballot Request form to request the ballot. Request forms are available online or in the Board of Elections Office.  A signed and completed request form may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or delivered in person to the county board of elections office. 

A signed request form must be received for each election that a voter desires to vote an absentee ballot and received no later than 5:00 pm on the last Tuesday before the date of the election for which the ballot is being requested. When the ballot is marked, the ballot return envelope must be signed by the VOTER and two witnesses that are present when the ballot is marked. (A Notary Public may be used instead of two witnesses. The notary cannot charge for this service.)

More Questions about Registrations may be found on the State Website

*Near Relative:  spouse, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, stepparent, or stepchild.

I can get to my poll in a vehicle but I am physically unable to stand in line. Is it possible for me to vote from my car?
Yes.  Designated curbside voting parking spaces are available at all one-stop early voting locations and at each precinct on election day. Poll workers are trained to monitor the parking spots and come out to you. You will be given an oath where you must swear (or affirm) that you are physically unable to enter the building because of age, physical disability or barriers at the polling place. If you are properly registered, you will be given a paper ballot to vote. The trained poll worker will then confidentially place your ballot into the tabulator for you.

How can I become a poll worker?
The Board continuously looks for community minded individuals to work Election Day as paid Election Officials. Each precinct is made up of a Chief Judge, Democratic Judge, Republican Judge and a number of assistants depending upon the type of election. The judges are appointed for a two-year term commitment and assistants for each election.

A Poll Worker:

  • must be a registered voter of Catawba County
  • must attend a training class before each election (2-3 hours)
  • should be comfortable using computers and printers
  • should  feel comfortable working with the public
  • should have reliable transportation
  • is expected to help set up their precinct the day before the election (about 1 hour)
  • on election day, must arrive at the polls by 6AM and must stay at the precinct until all paperwork  is complete (around 8:30PM)
  • will be compensated for each election. The flat pay:
    • Chief Judge - $250
    • Judge - $175
    • Assistant - $150

To apply:  mail, email or fax a completed Election Official Application for consideration or fill out an online application form.