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EMS Fleet

Sylvia Fisher


Sylvia Fisher
EMS Manager
Phone: (828) 465-8234
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Map of Bases

map 25 Government Drive
Newton, NC 28658

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
CCEMS currently has in operation:
  • 15 Chevrolet G-4500 Type III ambulances

Since 2009 Catawba County EMS has been utilizing Chevrolet G-4500 Type III ambulances as the primary frontline units equipped with the Duramax diesel engines. This July 2016 we will be getting three of these diesel equipped units and a gasoline equipped Ford E-450 as we prepare to transition away from diesel engines. As of the end of this model year, neither Ford nor Chevrolet will offer a diesel engine in a Type III chassis. Once these 4 new trucks are put in service, the oldest frontline unit in use will be a 2010 model Chevrolet G-4500.

Neonatal Units

In addition to these primary response units, we maintain two ambulances for use as a Neonatal Transport Unit at Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC). CVMC is currently using a 2009 Crew Cab International 4300 series unit but a new Crew Cab Kenworth unit is currently in the works and should be completed before the end of this calendar year. Both are specifically designed to carry twin isoletes. The CVMC unit can also be set up to accommodate one stretcher and one isolate, to facilitate the transfer of "High Risk Pregnancy" mothers. In the event they deliver while enroute, an isolete is available immediately. A spare unit is equipped with a hydraulic lift system capable of lifting 1200 lbs., and is used as a back-up Neonatal transport unit should one of the others be down for maintenance.

Several trailers are also maintained by CCEMS for different uses:
  • A State supplied triple axle SMAT trailer for use by our County SMAT III Team.
  • A tandem axle trailer utilized by the Special Events team to transport bicycles and primary response gear used for events. These highly maneuverable bicycles are operated in two man teams and are primarily used during high density events where pedestrian traffic and congestion don’t allow for access to medical emergencies by traditional ambulances.
  • A single axle trailer used to transport a custom designed 4x4 side-by-side UTV that is set-up to transport a patient and crew from rugged and remote terrain where vehicle access is limited. This UTV is also utilized during special event coverage where crowds or terrain prohibit use of a “normal sized” ambulance and may be used in conjunction with the Special Event Team’s bicycle crews.
  • A mobile light tower trailer that can be towed anywhere additional lighting resources are needed.
Additional Vehicles
The trailers can be towed by one of the following vehicles as needed:
  • 1 single rear wheel 4x4 Extended Cab F-350, designed as a Quick Response Vehicle.
  • 2 single rear wheel 4x4 Crew Cab F-350's, QRVs, used daily by the Shift Supervisor & Quality Assurance Officer.
  • The EMS Manager is currently assigned a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe 4x4 that is capable of towing all but the heaviest trailers. The EMS Training Officer is currently assigned a 2012 Ford Explorer 4x4 that is also capable of towing all but the heaviest of our trailers. All of the “administrative vehicles” and designated “tow vehicles” are 4x4 for use in inclement weather.
  • We also house a 2004 Ford E-450 delivery truck that is designated as a Mobile Resource Unit. This unit is set up to respond to a “mass casualty” event and be able to deliver enough supplies to treat an additional 50-75 patients.