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County Manager's Office Staff
County Manager, Mick Berry
County Manager, Mick Berry

The Catawba County Manager's Office staff is responsible for planning and implementing the directives of the Board of Commissioners, strategically managing the various County departments and developing an annual budget.

Catawba County's Manager is Mick Berry. The Board of Commissioners designates a County Manager as the chief administrator, under State law, for all departments under the Board's general control. His duties include supervising the appointment of county officers, employees or agents, except those elected by the people or whose appointment is otherwise provided by law; supervision of all county departments, boards, commissions and agencies under the general control of the Board of Commissioners; preparation and submission of an annual budget; and any other reports and duties required or authorized by the Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Berry works directly with the Board of Commissioners, and has primary contact with Catawba County’s three public school systems and Catawba Valley Community College; Catawba Valley Medical Center; and the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation; as well as the County Attorney, Human Resources, the Sheriff's Office and the Register of Deeds Office.

Assistant County Manager Dewey Harris assists the County Manager in the performance of his duties.   Harris came to Catawba County Government in August 2008 after serving as Assistant City Manager in Wilmington, North Carolina and previously with the City of Pacific, Washington and the Office of Financial Management of the State of Washington. He works day-to-day with Emergency Services, Finance Office, Planning and Parks, Social Services, Utilities and Engineering, and the County's legislative programs in connection with the local delegations to the North Carolina General Assembly and the United States Congress.

Assistant County Manager Mary Sassi Furtado began working with Catawba County in December 2011, after serving as Executive Director of Strategic Operations in Sarasota County, Florida.   She works day-to-day with the Budget Office, Cooperative Extension Service, Elections Office, County Library system, Public Health, Public Information Office, Tax Department and Technology Department. 


County Attorney Debra Bechtel talks with County Commissioner Randy Isenhoweer County Attorney Debra Bechtel talks with County Commissioner Randy Isenhoweer

The County Clerk is Barbara Morris. She is responsible for keeping the Minutes of the Board of Commissioners and the County Ordinance Books, as well as various other county records.

Attorneys Debra Bechtel and Jodi Stewart provide legal expertise and services to County staff and departments, and the Board of Commissioners, with assistance from Legal Assistant Amanda Bentley.

Assistant County Manager Dewey Harris (far right) works with a committee Assistant County Manager Dewey Harris (far right) works with a committee
Budget Manager Jennifer Mace works with Budget Analyst IIs Barron Monroe and Paarth Mehta to analyze expected revenues and expenses, and then plan and help create the County's annual budget and Capital Improvement Plan.

Executive Assistant Avajean Wickes provides administrative support to the County Manager and Assistant County Managers, is the Office Manager, and coordinates support to the County Manager's Staff.