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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the “County Clerk” and the “Clerk of Court”?

A: Citizens frequently call the County Manager’s Office after seeing “County Clerk” listed in the phone book, when they are actually trying to reach the Clerk of Court’s Office.   In North Carolina, the County Clerk is the clerk to the Board of Commissioners.  The County Clerk may be reached at 828-465-8990.  Those wishing information about the court system should phone the Clerk of Court’s Office at 828-695-6100.

Q:  What does the “County Attorney” do?

A: In North Carolina, the County Attorneys provide legal advice and assistance to the Board of Commissioners and County staff.  They do not serve as public defenders or provide legal advice and assistance to members of the public.  If you are seeking an attorney, you may contact the district office of Legal Aid of North Carolina at 828-437-8280.

Q:  How do I contact the District Attorney’s Office?

A: This is a commonly asked question received by the County Manager’s Office due to the confusion noted in question number two, above.  The District Attorney’s Office may be reached at 828-695-6110.

Q:  Who should I contact for replacement of a road sign?

A: To report a road sign that needs to be repaired or replaced, please contact Renee Hart, E-911 Coordinator, at 828-465-8147,or fill out this form:

The placement and maintenance of road signs is one of the few functions Catawba County Government performs related to roads.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation paves and maintains most roads. 

Q:  What about road maintenance?

A: The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) paves and maintains most roads.  Contact the NCDOT Field Maintenance Office at 828-466-5519 for more information.  Some larger cities may maintain certain roads if they choose to do so.

Q:  Who should I contact about obtaining a business license? 

A: Contact the Catawba County Tax Collector’s Office at 828-465-8400 to be sure about any license you may need from the County Government.  Most business licenses are issued by the state, or by cities and towns.  If your business will be based in a city or town, you can often make a good start by contacting your City Hall.

Q:  Where do I obtain a marriage license?

A: Marriage licenses are issued by the Register of Deeds Office.  You may contact the office at 828-465-1573.

Q:  Who should I contact regarding Public Housing? 

A: Public Housing Authority offices are generally administered by cities.   There is no County Public Housing office.  Questions about Section 8 Housing should be directed to the Western Piedmont Council of Governments at 828-322-9191.  The Hickory Public Housing Authority, at 828-328-5373, may also be able to answer general questions.

Q:.  How may I get help with foreign language translation?

A: Public Health, the Register of Deeds Office, Sheriff's Office and Social Services have translators on staff who are available to provide asisstance with Hmong or Spanish translation.